Anbernic RG353M Is Being Made!

*Updated: Added photos below posted by NateTheGreat on Discord! 


RG353M Photo
Upcoming - Anbernic RG353M (Top) Compared To RG351MP (Bottom)

In a not so surprising (but nice) move, it looks like Anbernic is indeed working on a RG353M (metal) handheld! I can't find any high res images of the device yet and first saw it on timeisart's handheld spreadsheet. While the face still looks a little crowded to me,  it does look like a more ergonomic design than the 353P and 353V/VS. I'd expect the price to be at least $40+ more than the 353P. I really like how they've gone back to the recognizable design of the 351MP and 350M (When Anbernic Devices Were Fire 🔥)...

There's no word on release date yet,  but I'm sure we'll hear more about this device after they launch the Anbernic "Mini" and the RG505. 

Timeisart's Spreadsheet:

353M (Top)

Anbernic RG353 Metal
353M (Top)

Anbernic RG353 Metal
353M (Left)

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