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Still No Retroid Pocket 3: Order Limbo


Retroid Pocket 3

I was hoping to get up a Retroid Pocket 3 review, but I'm still waiting to receive one.... Over a month after pre-ordering and 3 1/2 weeks after launch,  my White 3GB model still hasn't shipped out. It looks like the White 3GB is the slowest to ship out of all models according to the shipping dashboard on

I went ahead and also ordered an Orange 2GB model last week on the Official Moorechip store on AliExpress and that's already arrived in the US and started going through customs yesterday. It looks like AliExpress is the only way to get one a little faster. While I think this device will be a good buy,  the launch was certainly messy. The only downside to that order is that it cost more after shipping on Ali than on the GoRetroid site and I don't believe includes any of the pre-order Bonuses. 

Going off the reliable information that's out there, it appears to be a flawed yet decent buy. My main concerns about the device are: 

  1. QA concerns have started to pop up from more than just a few people who have received them. 
  2. Thumb-sticks reportedly have a loose control feel according to a lot of people. 
  3. Audio issues reported with wired headphones. 
  4. The official RP3 case reportedly presses in the power button when stored. 
I am looking forward to the device primarily for the increased screen resolution for Android Gaming and streaming. All in all, it seems to be shaping up to be a good buy despite some glaring issues. I wouldn't expect a review from me anytime soon considering I still don't have one. (LOL) That's all part of the game with buying retro handhelds sometimes though. The way things are looking, I'll probably be able to have an in-depth review of the 2GB model up by the end of the month. 


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