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Evercade by Blaze
Evercade EXP

I mostly stick to retro game handhelds and emulation, but finally decided to jump into the Evercade world and pre-ordered the Evercade EXP on Amazon. It should arrive late November (11/24 Release) and I'll likely have an in-depth review up (written and video) by the first week of December. I normally don't do video reviews, but picked up a new microphone and some equipment so figured I might as well start doing video reviews here and there. I'm still old-school and prefer written reviews over video. 

Looking at the available Evercade cartridges that average about $20 each, I'm very tempted to order the original Evercade handheld too which is $99.99 on Amazon and includes 3 cartridges which effectively makes the original handheld only a $40 investment.The new Evercade EXP looks to be a massive improvement over the original device. After taxes, I spent a total of $160.49 on the pre-order.

Evercade EXP Main Specs & Details

The EXP looks to be a major improvement over the original in almost every way and was designed specifically to have a good TATE mode experience which should be awesome for some old school arcade shooters. 

For $149.99 plus Taxes:

  • Includes 18 Built-In Capcom Classics
  • Includes IREM Arcade 1 Cartridge (R-Type FTW)
  • TATE Mode Design With Expanded Buttons
  • 800x480 IPS Screen 
  • WiFi
  • USB-C Charging With Estimated 4-5 Hours Battery Life

Evercade Cartridges I'm Likely To Buy While I Wait 

Looking at the available cartridges, I'll likely order at least 4 between now and when the device arrives. Right now, I'm looking at Namco Cartridge 2, Jaleco Arcade 1, Piko Collection 1 and Atari Lynx 1. 

ROMS vs. Cartridges

A selling point on Evercade devices is the nostalgic joy of collecting physical cartridges. This is obviously less convenient than ROMs and means you will be able to play less games on the device, but it's still pretty cool and every cartridges you buy is 100% legal and supports the game developers. It's too bad there's no easy way to put legal ROMs on the device though. There have been reports of people using a custom cartridge to get RetroArch running on Evercade devices but it seems like too much of a hassle and goes against the spirit of the device.

Official Website:

Disclosure: I have no official business ties with Blaze and none of the above links benefit me. 

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