Anbernic RG353V/353VS Pre-Sale Discount To October 6

 Anbernic RG353The Anbernic RG353V/353VS pre-order sale is still going on until October 6, 2022. The devices are expected to ship out starting mid-October in order of who reserved first to last for each option. Both devices are currently at an $8 discount for pre-orders. 

 *Update 9/30: It does look like there are some QA issues with early review devices where the screen is obviously misaligned. No clue if this will be an issue with regular orders or not and it doesn't look like every review device has it but it's something to keep an eye on. A misaligned screen would drive me insane. Probably an easy DIY fix though. Reviews are starting to show up on the device and seem mostly positive. 

The 353V and 353VS can be ordered from 

Non-referral link where I don't benefit:

First reviewer preview/unboxing of the RG353V from Retro Handhelds:

The price on the 353V starts at $112.99 and the VS starts at  $89.99 (Including the $8 discount). I highly suggest sticking with the base price on both. It's always best to use your own microSD cards, source your own ROMs and flash fresh firmware to your card(s).  The cards that come with these devices are cheap and prone to failure. It is simply not worth paying extra for the larger cards when they are low quality. 

One thing that does excite me about the 353VS is that it's a return to good pricing for Anbernic (their devices have been a little overpriced beyond the 351 era). 

From what we can see in photos,  the thumb-sticks, face buttons and d-pad appear to be the expected standard high-quality Anbernic build. One thing Anbernic always does right is a great d-pad!  There does appear to be a lot of people reporting issues with the d-pad on this device so beware of that. 

The primary difference between the two devices is that the RG353VS has half the RAM (which is plenty for Linux), runs on Linux only, does not have a touch-screen and has one microSD slot. The 353V is a dual-boot system (Android/Linux) with dual microSD slots, and has a touch-screen. Both devices should handle up to PS1/DS level emulation with no problems and N64/Dreamcast/PSP decently with some issues. While it will be able to run SOME PS2 games, I wouldn't expect much from that. Either way,  for the price,  you are getting a lot of power in a small & very pocketable device. 

Due to already having a device that uses the same SoC and my preference to not have dual thumb-sticks placed low on such a small vertical handheld, I think I'll likely (but you never know..I am a collector) be passing on this one but it will certainly be a great buy for some people. I've gotten to where I have so many devices,  I'm avoiding testing out devices with the same SoC multiple times unless there's a big reason to. This device is considerably smaller than the RG351V. My next Anbernic buy will likely be the Anbernic Mini or RG505. 

L to R starting at Upper Left: 351V, 353V, Miyoo Mini, 280V, GKD Mini, Game Boy DMG, GBC, GBP, GBASP

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