Upcoming Game Handhelds For September 2022

Game Handheld Releases/Pre-Orders/Shipping For September 2022

*Update 9/9 - It appears the PiBoy XRS Kit is already shipping out. GKD Mini Plus and GKD Mini Plus Classic Pre-Orders will also start this month. The Anbernic RG353V should also be available to order by the end of September. 

Game handheld releases are hard to predict due to supply chain problems and parts shortages, so most release dates should be considered tentative not concrete. This post will be regularly updated as new information occurs! I plan to turn this is into a monthly post to keep things more organized. 

**September 2022 Preview Updated As Of 9/1/22**

🟠AYANEO Air Pro 🔥 ($649 & Up Early Bird) 

The AYANEO Air Pro is expected to start shipping out for those who pre-ordered it and is my pick for the most interesting premium priced handheld of September. The cheaper regular Air should be in a LOT of hands already by the time this one ships. The AYANEO 2 pre-order is likely to start up by September (no firm date yet)! 



🟠AYN Loki Zero ($199 & Up)

The Loki Zero was initially scheduled to ship out starting in September, but we haven't heard much from AYN in a while,  so I wouldn't consider that solidly confirmed at this point.  The site still says Q4... ayntec.com. If history is any indication,  I wouldn't bank on the other Lokis making the Q4 deadline... All of the upcoming Lokis are still in pre-order status. 

🟠Evercade EXP ($149.99 & Up)

The Evercade EXP apears to be a huge improvement over the original on paper and will be available to pre-order in September (Shipping in Winter).  What separates the EXP from other devices here is that the EXP is cartridge based and you can collect fully licensed collections of classic games to play on it. (PRE-ORDER starts 9/6)...

🟠AOKZOE A1 ($901 & Up)

This very powerful (and expensive) handheld is set to ship out at some point in September. 

🟠KT-R1C ($149 & Up) aka KT R1

The metal variants of the KT-R1C are scheduled to become available to order/pre-order in the West in Sep/Oct which will ship out first followed by plastic variants. Quantities will be very limited for the first run, so they will likely go pretty fast... It was stated last month that domestic orders had started but that may not be the case. It appears the device is back in debug testing and not ready yet. The device is also now known as the KT R1 again....


🟠GPD Win Max 2 ($999 & Up)

GPD Win Max 2 is scheduled to start shipping in September. The Win Max 2 is really more of a laptop with a built in controller than a handheld, but it's pretty powerful. 

How does the GPD Win Max 2 stack up against the Steam Deck? (YouTube Video from The Phawx):

🟠Retro Pixel Pocket 

The Retro Pixel Pocket (vertical) will likely make a pre-order appearance in September. 
RPP Prototype (Left)

🟠TRIMUI Smart 

The TRIMUI Smart should ship out by the end of September for international purchases. Currently, the cheapest place to order one is from KeepRetro.com for $75.99. I currently have one on the way,  so should have a review up in September. 

Devices Shipping Out in Q4 (September through December)

  • AYN Loki Mini
  • AYN Loki Mini Pro
  • AYN Loki
  • AYN Loki Max 

Possible Upcoming Q4 Pre-Orders 

  • PiBoy CM4x (Radio silence on this device for a long time so I wouldn't bank on it happening. 
  • AYANEO 2
  • OH WOW 1
  • AYANEO Air Plus (Alder Lake)
  • AYANEO Slide 

  • AYANEO Flip

Some Recent New Releases Still Available To Order 

  • AYN Odin ($239 and Up) is still available to "pre-order" at ayntec.com while the Odin Lite is still listed as sold out. 

  • Retroid Pocket 3 is available at GoRetroid.com. ($119 and Up)
    RP3 Handheld

  • Anbernic Win600 ($324.99 and Up is available at anbernic.com.  I think the price on the Win600 is way too high but there are people out there who liked it...
    Anbernic Handheld
    Anbernic Win600

Possible Pre-Order/Order Appearances 

  • Retro Pixel Pocket 
  • PiBoy XRS 
  • Miyoo P60. We've been talking about it since last year. Miyoo says they are still testing the software. A reliable source is telling me that the device will debut on AliExpress in the price range of $140-$150 but the software is still being optimized and there may be an issue securing parts. When the release happens is anyone's guess. 
  • Miyoo Mini Horizontal. The Miyoo Mini Horizontal is another one we know is in development but how close to becoming real is anyone's guess at this point. 
  • PowKiddy X18S v2

Recently Announced Projects 

  • Anbernic RG505. Information about the RG-505 started trickling out in early and mid-August. With most Anbernic devices,  once information about them slips out,  we are almost always within a month or two of the release. I expect the Anbernic RG505 to be a possible surprise release in September.  

  • Anbernic is also working on a Miyoo Mini look-alike that we may see soon. 
  • Anbernic RG353V
  • GPD Win 4 
  • GPD Win 4
    Looks Like A Sony Product

  • Odroid Go Ultra (October)
  • GKD Mini Plus
  • GKD Mini Plus Classic [SPECS]

Reviews I Currently Have Planned 

Currently, I plan to review the Retroid Pocket 3 in the near future as soon as I receive it. My Retroid Pocket 3 review will likely appear in September. I'm looking into possibly (???) getting my hands on the AYANEO Air, KT-R1C and Loki 256 as well... I should have a review up for the TRIMUI Smart in early or mid-September as well. 


  1. Feel free to comment below if any information needs to be added to this post.

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