Retroid Pocket 3: Negative & Positive Chatter

 So far, there has been a lot of mixed opinions on the Retroid Pocket 3 within the community from my observations. 

The Positive RP3 Talk

The positives seem to be that the price is still good for what you are getting, the option for 3GB RAM instead of opting for 2GB is nice (with the newer Android version, I don't see sense in opting for 2GB), a higher resolution and larger screen should be better for streaming games than the RP2+ and clickable thumbs with L3/R3 are a welcome improvement. No more right slider!

The Negative RP3 Talk 

The negative Talk surrounding the handheld are that no reviewers other than Taki have had their hands on the device and the device he had may have been better than the final product which lead to speculation that it might have a news SoC.  In reality,  the SoC is the same. They have apparently opted to only sell the dome switch version instead of both dome and conductive rubber which has created some debate. Dome switch will definitely be "clickier". It does look like ordering the Black model early will net you a DIY conductive rubber swap. There are some complaints about the bizarre Start/Select placement as well...

All in all, the RP3 is not a big leap ahead (maybe not a leap at all) of the RP2+ in performance but I think for the price,  some people will still really like it. We'll find out in a few weeks... 

The device can be pre-ordered at

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