Retroid Pocket 3 Disassembly Video


RP3 White Handheld

A new video showing the disassembly of a Retroid Pocket 3 has appeared:

A few of the concerns expressed by Taki Udon the day before launch which sent waves and many questions though the community have been addressed. The "White" model shipping out also does look white or a slightly off white to me (not yellow), but we'll have to see what happens. It appears they have addressed the brightness slider issue Taki suggested they make, and screen flickering issues have been apparently fixed as well. 

The RP3 is currently in pre-order phase at I think its all shaping up to be a good buy for the price!  

It was also verified that they may be looking into doing a run of Funtastic colors for the Retroid Pocket 3... 50/50 chance by Christmas....

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