Big Trouble in Retroid Pocket 3 Paradise? Maybe

*Update September 14* I'm honestly starting to suspect that Taki may have been right on some issues. Reports are coming back from people a little more frequent than I expected. If the reports continue,  I might have been wrong. Only time will tell when more people receive them. 

*Update August 20* 

The company has responded to this video on their Discord channel stating that the screen flickering and other issues (they didn't address all issues in the video) with the software had already been fixed. Their response is lengthy and interesting. The timing of the video slamming the device certainly was unusual. From the wording of the response, it certainly sounds like they plan to release a Retroid Pocket 3 Plus at some point as well. Now it's just a waiting game to see if the RP3 turns out good, or if it really is a deeply troubled system as Taki stated (I'm suspecting it will be fine):

"@everyone Given that the 20th was our original shipping date, Taki Udon released a video the day before the shipment. We don't want to speculate on the motivations of others in the worst possible way, and we will concentrate on shipping as promised. The Internet is a open and diverse world, and we are glad to accept criticism, and we will keep our promise to support end customer with better products and customer services.

The growth of the RETROID brand is obviously remarkable to all the people in this industry. It is the support and trust of consumers that have kept us where we are today. Without the efforts that keep listening to customer's voice and continuously invest on technical innovation and product improvement, we are definitely not able to make our brand to be widely accepted by the market.

Here below we want to talk about our new product Retroid Pocket 3."

"1. A good product speaks for itself .

- A better OS  

Android 11 has more features like gesture control, freeform windows and resizable activities, and a bunch of usability enhancements, what is more, since A11 SDK from Unisoc has newer OpenGL and Vulkan drivers which was proved be able to give 20%~30% extra performance which sounds a good value that benefits game users. That is why we give up A9 on RP3 and spend extra 2 month porting A11, even it adds significant developing cost."

- A clean button layout

"The front shell was redesigned as clean as possible, we changed the dpad position for people who wants the dpad to be placed on the position above the left joystick as well. What is more, we have seen that many people like the dpad design of PS Vita, so this time we change the design of dpad to be vita-alike while still give free controller DIY kit to make it possible for people who like conductive rubber. I was attacked by Taki that we didn't do conductive rubber by default the same as RP2+, maybe there is less risk and we can make more profit from providing alternative controller kits for people to buy if they want, but I don't think it was a worse idea to give the maximum flexibility to end user so that people can compare the controller experience by themselves among the candidate choice of full dome switch version, full conductive rubber version or they can even keep dpad the dome switch version while keep abxy conductive rubber."

"- A newest emulator gallery and game launcher

We keep seeking the update from github project for the building best emulator with the newest version, now this device comes with the newest emulator especially for AetherSX2/CitraMMJ, the newest AetherSX2 integrated a fractional rendering resolution which help people to find the best picture quality while keeps the game running at playable frame rate, and the latest CitraMMJ are updated very rapidly, the newest version can get more games to be supported and fixed a bunch of bugs."

- A better road map in the future

"Since we preserved a 3 layer passive heat dissipation design for RP3, it would be much easier for us to upgrading new generation processors for the upcoming product." @everyone 2. A lazy company won't be customer oriented and won't give a full transparent accessing to a Youtuber reviewer out of the company, and they won't keep listening the criticism and try to make the improvement as possible as they can." 

"You guys know we are the company who keep listening customer voice and gives continuous software OTA from last year, after we porting A11 on RP3 successfully, we have seen a bunch of users who are expecting a A11 porting for their RP2+ so that they can share the benefits we created for RP3. At company financial point, this task means several additional weeks' efforts on software design and testing, and customers with less DIY skills might suck from the risk of bricking their device during reflash procedure which might cause many customer services cases to our CS team, and it can't create any revenue to the company, but after I have seen hundreds of old users give thumb up emoji on my vote, we changed our initial idea and make the promise to give the equal opportunity to upgrade A11 for RP2+ users to make them happy."

"I worked in big US companies before I founded Moorechip, the biggest thing I have learned during my career trip is trying to be technically skillful and customer oriented. RP3 nowadays lives slightly under the expectation of some people, but I hope people can understand that it was a tough journey for us to jump out of the shit hole when the company went through the chipset shortage and the lack of human resource especially for talented software engineers for pasted few months, and now people knows that the hardware was actually ready months ago, I DO give my biggest patience and try my best to figure out all the possible way to enhance the hw/sw quality. I have made a detail technical document back and forth with all the recordings of the detailed issues and bugs, tracking how the bug was found and how it was solved."I think if a company can pay enough attention on tracking customer's issues and problems, and be willing to give enough transparency to public and keep the company learning and growing up on community voice, this company still sounds encouraging and promising. As a fast growing company, I am fortunately enough to have a team that is willing to support the company vision and dream. I will try my BEST to live up to customers' expectations to bring more high-quality, feature-rich and cost-effective products."

The upcoming Retroid Pocket 3 is starting to seem like a divisive topic amongst retro game handheld enthusiasts. Only one "reviewer" has even touched the device, which apparently was manufactured 6 months ago. The device is reportedly set to start shipping out tomorrow. If you are currently in the market for a handheld, the good news is that there are more options today than ever before. There is no rush in deciding... My opinion is that the device will likely still be a good buy for the price. 

Taki (well known YouTube reviewer) has dropped a scathing opinion on the Retroid Pocket 3 and the company behind it (Moorechip) including some possible screen malfunctions (screen flickering) when brightness is set on the lower side...

At this point, he's the only person outside the manufacturer who has seen and extensively used the device,  so that's the only hands on opinion we have to go off. 

Personally, I still like the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus with the flaws and all. The $99 pricepoint makes flaws acceptable in my opinion. At the pricepoint of the Retroid Pocket 3, I'm going to guess it's still going to be a pretty good purchase. Hopefully I receive it soon and can start testing it out for a review. I'm not ready to have a negative opinion on this device until I get my hands on it...

I did pre-order the "white" version of the Retroid Pocket 3, so we'll have to see if it really looks like light yellow as stated in the a above video. That will be a little annoying considering the advertised image looks great. 

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