Anbernic Miyoo Mini Knockoff in Development

 I'm surprised it took this long but someone else has jumped on the Miyoo Mini train...

A video short on Instagram from cn_play_ appeared showing a prototype of a mini handheld Anbernic is working on and it looks very similar to the Miyoo Mini. The device appears to be in the development stage and is slightly larger than the Mini. It appears to have a 3.1" screen. The Miyoo Mini's screen is 2.8". Other than looking a lot like the Mini, specifics aren't really known yet...

For now,  I'm not too excited about this device considering it will be very hard to beat the MiniUI and OnionOS experience you get with the Mini. I suppose a knockoff was bound to happen sooner or later with Miyoo unable to keep up with demand. 

Video Link:

Via: RetroDodo

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