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New KT-R1C Photos (Posted by Lei on Discord)

 It looks like the KT-R1C is getting closer and closer to finally becoming real. According to Lei on the RGHANDHELDS.COM Discord, the approximate weight for the metal variety will be around 320g. I would have preferred Stacked Shoulders myself but this might still be a pretty awesome pocketable option!  When it becomes available for pre-order, more info should appear on their site: Below are some new production images of the handheld assembled with an aluminum shell (colors are not final):

AOKZOE A1 Giveaway Link

 It looks like AOKZOE is giving away one A1 to a lucky winner in August! There has been some questions raised about the d-pad by people who have hands on time with it,  but it still appears to be an interesting and powerful option.  Link to Enter: AOKZOE A1 SPECS

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 I spend more time on Social Media than on the blog these days primarily due to speed and convenience. Follow Me on Twitter. I follow back legitimate accounts! @RKezins

RetroPixel Pocket SPECS (Upcoming Game Boy/Android Retro Handheld)

Retro Pixel Pocket SPECS As Of July, 2022.  The upcoming Retro Pixel Pocket definitely has my interest. Even the prototype looks great. Right now. RGHANDHELDS.COM has exclusive access to the prototype and it looks like a great vertical handheld perfect for Game Boy, Game Boy Color and hopefully Pico-8. There has been reported success running up to some Dreamcast so far. This may be the "Miyoo Medium" we've been wanting!  Photo From RGHANDHELDS Discord (Prototype Model)   Retro Pixel Pocket Known Specs (From RGHANDHELDS Discord) Retropixel Pocket   3 inch 720x720 Laminated IPS LCD Allwinner A64 (sun50iw1) SoC features a Quad-Core Cortex-A53 ARM CPU, and a Mali400 MP2 GP 3000 mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery  1 Gbit LPDDR3 8 Gbit  EMMC  Supports micro sd card 2W High resolution speaker Supports Wi-Fi Size Comparisons From Jutleys  Next To A Miyoo Mini  Next To a Nintendo Game Boy Color

Loki Zero Specs [AYN]

Loki Zero Specs: On Paper It Smashes The Anbernic Win600 Loki Zero [AYN] The Loki Zero is yet another model announced in the Loki handheld line by AYN. The Zero has a $199 early price that was announced a few days before Anbernic starts taking orders for the Win600 (Likely not a coincidence on AYN's part). Hopefully AYN can deliver on the numerous Loki SKUs they are promising... On paper, this looks like a deathblow to the $299.99 and Up Win600. Unlike the Win600, the Loki Zero does have a microSD slot... Pre-Order: Expected Key Specs (Could Change): Price: $199  Q4 Pre-Order Regular Price: $249 Free Extras: Pre-order Includes Bag  $$$ Extras/Ad Ons: 128GB NVMe +$22, Screen Protector +$6, Shipping +Variable, Charger +$12, Earbuds +$6, ... Emulation Power: Good Up to PS2?  SoC: AMD Athlon Silver 3050e CPU: AMD Zen  CPU Cores: 2 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.4 GHz - 2.8 GHz Architecture: x86-64  GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 3 GPU Clock: 1.0

New Horizontal Miyoo Mini Model

 Miyoo has had problems keeping up with demands and sourcing parts for the wildly popular Miyoo Mini, so it looks like their solution is a new horizontal version with the option to add different faceplates to it.  I don't think it matches the retro aesthetic of the original Mini but it's awesome they've found a way to keep this great handheld going into the future.  Not a lot is known yet but this new Mini appears to have a thumbstick and replaceable faceplates as updates.  Source: