Two Best Under $60 Micro Retro Game Handheld Options

 The market is packed full of "cheap" handhelds, but there aren't many under $60 that are actually good. Two that stick far out of the crowd are the PowKiddy V90 (I have three of them) and the Miyoo Mini (I only have 2 for now). Your best option for ordering either of these at a reasonable price is from the official PowKiddy and Miyoo stores on AliExpress. There are two new versions of the Mini coming out soon as well (translucent blue and translucent black). 

Miyoo Mini 

The Miyoo Mini sells for between $50 and $60 on average and is well worth the price. The ergonomic design has a premium feel and good for long gaming seasons which is unusual for a handheld this small. Flashing CFW on the Mini is essential and not the most user friendly process so I can only highly recommend this device to people who are fluent in firmware flashing processes or willing to read directions and learn. 

My Miyoo Mini Review (Hasn't Been Updated for the latest OnionOS):

PowKiddy V90

The V90 looks cheap but for the price,  it's really not bad and is great for kids with the knockoff GBA clamshell design. All the ones I've purchased were closer to $30 which is the perfect price. The stock firmware is less than ideal and has screen tearing issues. I would not buy one unless you are interested in flashing custom firmware (CFW) to it. For under $40, a device with a bright crisp screen that can run up to some PSOne emulation well is a real steal.

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