My Miyoo Mini V2 Arrived (Blue)

Miyoo Mini V2 FTW w/ Photos

 Finally got my hands on the 2nd version of the Miyoo Mini today. Arriving in a Miyoo branded case was a nice touch although I do like to have boxes. Can't do unboxing photos so guess this will be uncasing photos. 

Included is the case which is a pretty decent and protective one,  the V2 Miyoo Mini, 32GB microSD card (w/Firmware etc on it), small USB-C cable, manual and a USB card reader. I wouldn't suggest using that card reader unless it's your only option. Same goes for the included card. 

I plan to install a fresh MinUI custom Firmware (CFW) on my own card and get started on testing this one out so I can post a review by the weekend. I'll be following the guide from Retro Game Corps like I do with most handhelds.

 After that,  I'm just waiting on some face buttons from SakuraRetroModding to give it a more custom look.

I purchased this Miyoo Mini for a grand total of $64.09 from the Official Miyoo Store on AliExpress which is the only place I'd recommend purchasing one from. 

If you are new to the Miyoo scene or even just curious, definitely join our Sub-Reddit:

I have no affiliation or business ties with Miyoo. All opinions here are my own. I initially started the Miyoo Mini Sub-Reddit and now share modding with 4 other people. The group has grown to over 2400 members and has grown into a positive, helpful and friendly community. Moderation is almost unnecessary there. 

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