5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds: Quick Notes

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds I'm Most Likely To Buy

 Things are moving almost too fast to keep up with these days in the game handheld arena. A lot of upcoming options aren't really "retro handhelds" and are more like powerful handheld PCs, but they can be used just like a retro handheld so I'll count it. All in all, I have 5 upcoming handhelds high up on my radar. 

Here's some quick notes and links on my choice of upcoming handhelds to keep an eye on in the near future... (Some Specs are Speculative Until Final Product Occurs). Having a Steam Deck also really lowers my need for the real powerful handhelds, so I'm likely to focus a lot on budget stuff over the next year...

Game Handhelds I'm 100% Definitely Buying: 

#1 Retroid Pocket 3 (RP3)

Retroid Pocket

  • Same Power as the RP2+ But With Potentially More RAM
  • Android 9
  • Handles Up To PSP/Dreamcast With No Problem and Can Dabble in PS2/GameCube/Wii Emulation With OK Results With Some Games 
  • 4.7" 16:9 IPS Touch Screen 1334x750 (More Resolution than the RP2+ which should be a big improvement with streaming games)
  • Will Be Available For Pre-Order At GoRetroid.com at some point this year. 
  • I'd assume the price should be over $140 and under $200 but will have to see (just a guess). 
  • Day 1 Pre-Order For Me

#2 Miyoo P60


  • I was not a Miyoo/Bittboy fan in the distant past but the Miyoo Mini converted me. Looks like Miyoo is taking their time ironing out the software on the P60 which is great. 
  • Slightly more powerful SoC than the RP2+ and RP3. 
  • 4" 5:3 IPS Touchscreen 800x480 Screen. Less Ideal For Streaming Games Than The RP3.  
  • Android 9
  • Should Release By End of Summer at the Official Miyoo Store on AliExpress.
  • Day 1 Buy From Me 

#3 AYN Odin Lite 

AYN Odin
Odin Lite

  • I didn't pre-order one and almost regret it. Most Early backers should start getting them in June and I imagine there will be some available afterwards. You can still place an In Demand Order.
  • $ to performance,  the Odin Lite is the best deal in the Odin lineup.
  • Optional Dock 
  • Android 11
  • Runs Up to PlayStation 2 Emulation No Problem. 
  • 5.98" 16:9 IPS Touchscreen 1920x1080
  • At $197+ if PS2 is your biggest goal, this is the best option. I probably want an Odin Lite more than a Loki or AYANEO Air.
  • Indiegogo Link 
  • There has been some bumps in the road for AYN but their customer service is great and they communicate with the community a lot.

Game Handhelds I Might Buy:

#4 AYN Loki 

AYN Loki
AYN Loki

  • Looks A LOT Like the AYN Odin! 
  • Pricing from $299-$799 Plus discounts for Odin Backers 
  • Pre-Order Starts Very Soon 
  • Nice write-Up on Specs at Liliputing: LINK 
  • I think 5 Different Models Is Too Many Especially w/ Chip Shortages and Factory Shutdowns Happening Often 
  • I already have a Steam Deck So I'm On The Fence Here But It's Awesome To See Some Steam Deck Competition!


#5 KT-R1C 

  • At this point,  I'm not certain what the final handheld will look like but I've heard the has been some recent movement in the development/manufacturing process. 
  • Main reason I'm still very interested in this one (originally was called KTR1) is that it's a small project and I'd like to see this device happen and do well against the bigger outfits. I'm also interested just because we've been thinking about this one for so long. 

Unlikely To Try But Some Are Nice. Too Many Game Handhelds Too Little Time (And Money)...:

Z-Pocket Game 2



AYANEO Air Plus (Pro)

GPD XP Plus 

GPD Win Max 2

PiBoy CM4x 


Anbernic Win600

PowKiddy X28 


Anbernic RG353P

Upcoming Handhelds:


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