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My Miyoo Mini V2 Arrived (Blue)

Miyoo Mini V2 FTW w/ Photos  Finally got my hands on the 2nd version of the Miyoo Mini today. Arriving in a Miyoo branded case was a nice touch although I do like to have boxes. Can't do unboxing photos so guess this will be uncasing photos.  Included is the case which is a pretty decent and protective one,  the V2 Miyoo Mini, 32GB microSD card (w/Firmware etc on it), small USB-C cable, manual and a USB card reader. I wouldn't suggest using that card reader unless it's your only option. Same goes for the included card.  I plan to install a fresh MinUI custom Firmware (CFW) on my own card and get started on testing this one out so I can post a review by the weekend. I'll be following the guide from Retro Game Corps like I do with most handhelds.  After that,  I'm just waiting on some face buttons from SakuraRetroModding to give it a more custom look. I purchased

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds: Quick Notes

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds I'm Most Likely To Buy  Things are moving almost too fast to keep up with these days in the game handheld arena. A lot of upcoming options aren't really "retro handhelds" and are more like powerful handheld PCs, but they can be used just like a retro handheld so I'll count it. All in all, I have 5 upcoming handhelds high up on my radar.  Here's some quick notes and links on my choice of upcoming handhelds to keep an eye on in the near future... (Some Specs are Speculative Until Final Product Occurs). Having a Steam Deck also really lowers my need for the real powerful handhelds, so I'm likely to focus a lot on budget stuff over the next year... Game Handhelds I'm 100% Definitely Buying:  #1 Retroid Pocket 3 (RP3) RP3 Same Power as the RP2+ But With Potentially More RAM Android 9 Handles Up To PSP/Dreamcast With No Problem and Can Dabble in PS2/GameCube/Wii Emulation With OK Results With Some Games  4.7" 16:9 IPS Tou

Anbernic RG353 Photo Leak? Maybe...

*Update: *Update: A Second Image Has Surfaced and has been confirmed by multiple sources. Looks like it is real after all and officially called the RG353P... it is expected to have the same SoC as the RG503 and run Android/Linux.  The last time I heard anything about a possible Anbernic RG353, it looked like a vertical handheld. A very blurry and pixelated photo has now appeared that's possibly the planned RG353. Looks like a knockoff of the PocketGo S30 and if that's the case,  it gets a hard pass from me. The S30 was not very ergonomic at all.  The screen in this blurry photo looks like a 4:3 so it could be a different shell but there's no legitimate information behind any of this... just a wild rumor at this point.  If it is real,  I'm assuming the leaked photo is blurry because the handheld doesn't exist yet...

AYANEO Air Known Info & Links

  We don't know everything about the AYANEO Air but some of the specs, info and pricing has been revealed. I think the upcoming AYN Loki likely beats the pricing $ for $ on the Air but there's no way to know how soon the Loki will be ready... LINKS: AYANEO AIR  Official Announcement Page GamePlay Video Game Performance Tests AAA Game Test Full Specs Confirmed Screen: 5.5" OLED (RGB) w/ 404 PPI  Weight: Under 420g  Price: $499-$699 More Images w/ Basic Specs and Info:

AYANEO Air Official Pricing

 The AYANEO Air pricing honestly came out pretty reasonable starting at $499 (Early Bird Pricing) and $549 afterwards up to $649.  I have to admit their pricing structure on the Air was lower than I was expecting. With a touch OLED screen,  friendlier size than the Steam Deck and decent pricing,  I think this will be a real competitor. I don't expect battery life to be optimal in such a small package though....

PowKiddy Advertises The RGB20S As Having WiFi. Apparently It Doesn't!

Apparently the PowKiddy RGB20S does not have WiFi despite PowKiddy advertising it as having 2.4G/5G WiFi. RetroGameCorps posted a photo showing no Wifi chip inside... just a WiFi switch on the outside. Multiple sources have stated identical findings... Personally, I already decided I'm not even going to mess around with the RGB20S especially after just coming off the underwhelming RGB10S.  I don't like the look, or the design and really have no remote need in testing out more RK3326 devices. This WiFi issue is just another reason to avoid it I think. It's a downgrade from the RGB20. As you can see in their marketing photos, PowKiddy certainly pushes the device as having WiFi:

AYN "Loki" Prices Revealed

  The prices for the AYN Loki have been revealed and they don't add up to being the cheapest Windows handheld option other than the "Mini".  I think AYN is making a mistake with so many different models but we'll have to see what happens. Prices range from $299-$799 over 5 models. There's still a long way to go before these are out.  The pricing still seems competitive. My main questions are about cooling and battery life. Whatever model has the best battery life with acceptable cooling will probably be the one I get. If it works out, it makes the Odin less attractive too... RetroGameCorps & Gary Golomb have pointed out that 6800U model (the most expensive) could have some serious battery life issues if they use the same battery as the Odin:

AYN "Loki" To Be Cheapest Windows Handheld

 Update: It looks like AYN plans to compete with the Steam Deck and AYANEO Air with their own Windows handheld and plan to price it below the competition.  They've had issues meeting demand with the 3 different models of the Odin so I'm not sure if we should expect this to be readily available but we'll have to see.  Via:

Happy 21st Birthday To Castlevania Chronicles

 At the time of release, Castlevania Chronicles was considered to be "not modern enough" by many gamers and critics, but it was honestly a pretty great Castlevania entry regardless.  The game originally released on the original PlayStation in Japan on May 24, 2001. I actually really like this game on the go more than a home console game. For the emulation enthusiasts, it plays great on the Anbernic RG351V and Retroid Pocket 2 Plus.

Retroid Pocket 3 Render Video

  The above video is just a render of the Retroid Pocket 3 but gives you a good idea of what it will might look like.  I'm definitely pre- ordering or ordering an RP3 the moment they become available. The big selling point for me is the probability of a much higher quality build and higher resolution screen. Sadly it's not a 4:3 screen but the increased resolution should be great for Android and Streaming games. From a power standpoint it will be equally powerful as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus although there may be higher RAM options. Hopefully we hear more soon.  There's no official word on when the RP3 will drop but it should be by late Summer.  will be the only place to initially order one. 

GPD XP Plus Crowdfunding Goes Live on 5/30

 I have mixed feelings about GPD with their prices often being a little higher than value but the GPD XP Plus looks to be an interesting handheld gaming option. It does look like a better overall deal than the original XP.  The controller being modular is definitely an interesting yet gimmicky aspect of this fairly powerful Android 11 device. Pre-orders start on the 30th.   MediaTek Dimensity 1200 1 x ARM Cortex-A78 CPU cores @ 3 GHz 3 x ARM Cortex-A78 CPU cores @ 2.6 GHz 4 x ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores @ 2 GHz ARM Mali-G77 MC9 GPU

Miyoo Mini Custom Buttons on Etsy

 SakuraRetroModding has put an assortment of custom face buttons and shell stickers up for pre-order on Etsy. I've never been disappointed with a purchase from SRM.  I have a blue V2 Miyoo Mini on the way and opted for "Pink Clear" face buttons which should be a pretty cool contrast of colors. Can't wait to receive the Mini V2 and buttons to customize it.   Look what I found on Etsy:

We Need More Vertical Retro Game Handhelds

Great vertical handhelds are definitely a rare thing these days but I think the demand certainly exists for more of them especially with the retro game handheld community members that lean more towards classic gaming than modern. A lot of handhelds coming out are starting to be geared more towards current gen gaming. Moontorc recently posted a mockup of a Miyoo "Midi" on Reddit at the halfway size (with a 3.5" screen) between my two favorite vertical handhelds (Miyoo Mini & Anbernic RG-351V).  If Miyoo were to make something like this and keep the price around $100 or so, I'd buy a few of them on the spot! If nothing else, it shows how awesome the Miyoo Mini design is with very little space around the screen!

AYANEO Air Pricing Possibly Revealed Converted into USD, this works out to be around $650 which does put the AYANEO Air in a price range to compete with Valve's Steam Deck if $650 is the final price.  It has not appeared on the English site as of yet so this price is still just a guess...  Hopefully we find out a lot more about the Air later this week... AYANEO promised a friendlier price with the Air and it looks like that's being delivered. Pre-ordering is expected to open up on May 20th.  $650 may also possibly be just the reserve price with  more to pay afterwards. We'll find out in a couple days either way... Via:

Black Miyoo Mini Selling Fast

 It looks like the Black Variant of the V2 Miyoo Mini is now sold out at the official store on AliExpress. At the moment, they have only 39 of the transparent blue left, 74 of the retro grey and 163 of the white left. I expect the transparent blue to be out by tomorrow. No word yet from Miyoo about when a restock is coming but I'm sure one is on the way.  Since releasing at the end of 2021, the Miyoo Mini's popularity has been drastically higher than anyone including Miyoo could have predicted... I'd still suggest waiting for a restock if you are interested in the Black shell. Most of the other places selling the Mini are just drop shipping them at a higher price.  Store Link Below (Disclosure: this link does not have any affiliate codes embedded and I don't benefit from any sales) US $58.00 | MIYOO MINI V2 Portable Retro Handheld Game Console 2.8Inch IPS HDScreen Video Game Consoles Linux System Classic Gaming Emulator My V1 Miyoo Mini

Miyoo P60: Upcoming Handheld I'm Interested In The Most

 Update: As of August 1 2022, the Miyoo P60 appears to still be delayed due to software testing issues according to Miyoo... There are quite a few handhelds still coming out this year, but none have my interest as much as the Miyoo P60 due to pocketability and Miyoo's dedication to improving their products.  Prior to the Miyoo Mini, I didn't have a lot of confidence in products that Miyoo was involved in like the PocketGo S30 and BittBoy handhelds, but they've proven they are invested in supporting their products with the Mini which has drastically improved since the day it released.  While a lot of companies like Anbernic  have products that have crept up into premium level pricing, the P60 looks to be headed towards budget pricing and will likely compete with the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus and Retroid Pocket 3.    We've been talking about the P60 for a while now too. It seems the delay in release has to do with Miyoo ironing out some software issues which is honestly great

3 New AYANEO Models Upcoming

 It looks like there are 3 AYANEO (handheld PCs) handhelds in the works which include the AYANEO 2, AYANEO Slide & AYANEO Air. The Air is set to be the cheapest of the 3 and could become strong competition for the Steam Deck if priced well. Hopefully we find out a lot more about these soon. Images below:  We should hear more about the Air on the 20th. It will run Windows 11 and have a 5.5" 1920x1080 OLED touch screen.  AYANEO 2 AYANEO Slide AYANEO Air 2022 Press Conference (Non Translated): What Others Are Saying:

Ordered A V2 Miyoo Mini

  I went ahead and ordered a V2 Miyoo Mini in blue this time. It looks a lot better than the toothpaste white V1 version I'm using now.  The V2 has a better screen,  improved d-pad/face button action and slightly better battery Performance, so it was hard to say no. Hopefully I receive it within 3-4 weeks so I can let you know.  I feel like the V2 still at the sub $60 pricepoint with a few slight improvements paired with the much improved OnionOS CFW will likely bump things up to a 9/10 type Score from me.

PowKiddy RGB20S Has Been Released

  The PowKiddy RGB20S has released but I'm going to safely assume that it's a bit of a downgrade from the original RGB20 just like the RGB10S was an uninspired slapped together upgrade that was really a step backwards.  I was going to do a review on the RGB10S but it's such an underwhelming experience, I decided to not even bother with it. It's basically just going to sit on my shelf permanently.   $79.99 isn't necessarily a terrible price for this one but you can do better at that that price point today. Just from photos,  the RGB20S looks like a poor design with buttons and sticks too close to each other to be comfortable and the build quality looks to be pretty cheap too.. possibly worse than the RGB20 build quality.  Regardless, the RGB20S gets a hard pass from me. 

Anbernic Win600 Not Canceled

 There were a lot of reports recently that the Anbernic Win600 project has been scrapped but all of those rumors seem to have just been made up or from a faulty source.  It looks like they are setting it up using custom SteamOS and the project is still very much active. The big question will be price of course. Hopefully Anbernic starts dropping more information on this soon.