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Shenzhen Covid Shut Down: Could Effect Retro Handheld Shipping

 *Update: It looks like some companies are reporting about a week delay in shipping out of Shenzhen. Hopefully the situation there turns out as well as possible for the people working there.   Hard to tell how long this latest Covid related shut down in Shenzhen, China will last,  but I'm sure it will have some effect on shipping of retro handhelds considering that's where most of them are produced and shipped from. There's no word from the main companies who produce retro handhelds about how much this will effect operations yet.  It has definitely been a long pandemic so far. Stay safe out there.  LINK:

Ordered A PowKiddy RGB10S...

  Against my better judgement, I went ahead and ordered a PowKiddy RGB10S. The price isn't too bad and despite being yet another RK3326 device,  I haven't reviewed a handheld in a while so figured a sub $100 roll of the dice wouldn't be that bad of an idea.  I don't expect many surprises with this one being another very familiar RK3326 SoC. I guess build quality will be my main mystery. Hopefully I'll have it in hand by April to post my thoughts. 

New Front End Option For Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

A new FrontEnd option for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus called Daijishou Launcher is in Early Access on the Google Play Store and it looks promising.  The highlights are that it's pretty easy to use,  works with Pegasus and has a lot of key features. I haven't used it though to create a definitive analysis, but it's definitely a promising option!  The still in development app can be downloaded here (LINK):

ArkOS Support For RK3326 Devices Winding Down

  Good Find by RGC on Twitter! It looks like the developer for ArkOS believes he has squeezed all he can out of RK3326 retro handheld devices, so support will start winding down.  There's definitely no shortage of RK3326 devices (Anbernic RG351V being my favorite) and despite a market oversaturated with this SoC, we haven't seen the end of them. PowKiddy is releasing the RGB10S in April and I'm sure we'll see even more after that.  ArkOS and 351ELEC definitely made all the RK3326 devices better and the community developers are responsible for that.  I think RK3326 devices are still a good buy for PS1 and below emulation, but recent handhelds like the RP2+ can handle N64 and beyond emulation much better. For now,  it seems like the best $ for $ emulation options for N64 and up will be Android devices. I'm not the biggest fan of Android but it is what it is....