Elden Ring Early On Is Easier & Harder Than Souls-like Games


I'm not too deep into Elden Ring yet but I'm impressed with what I'm experiencing so far. I'm still in the "early" part of the game and slowly progressing. 

While there are some incredibly tough opening area enemies and bosses (probably tougher than what we ran into with Souls games at first), the game is actually far more approachable for people who aren't perfect at combat skills. The addition of being open level, stealth and easier level progression, it really gives you time to get into the game. If you aren't ready for the tough battles, there are plenty of pretty easy fights especially using stealth, and you can locate (activate) a LOT of the Sites of Grace without fighting anyone which makes traveling (Using fast travel) convenient later on. You can also summon NPC allies to fight with you early on. So far, I have no luck connecting to servers, so haven't been able to test out co-op. 

I'm still far to early into the game to have any in-depth or definitive opinions, but I'm really digging it so far. The world in the game is beautiful, the combat is very challenging yet fair and they seemed to have taken the best elements of previous games and left behind some of the more annoying elements. In addition being a Souls experience, there's a lot of Elder Scrolls, Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus type vibes going on too. 

Definitely a nice progression of the Action RPG genre with a lot of the past mixed together for a result that seems amazing. Hopefully I can figure out a way to beat this game in the near future. 

*Screenshot from Xbox Series S 

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