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My Personal Game Handheld Rotation (Retro Gaming)

Personal Most Used Video Game Handhelds Today While I test out tons of handhelds, only a few make it into my personal regularly used rotation. The rest become shelf candy, or something to give away/trade. By the end of 2022, I'm sure my rotation will change considering a lot of interesting options like the Steam Deck are just around the corner.  These are the 5 handhelds that are in my personal regularly used rotation at the moment:  #1 Nintendo Switch    I'm still rolling with the v2 Switch and don't see myself upgrading to the OLED model or downgrading to the Lite in the future. If Nintendo wants more of cash for hardware, I'm going to need a serious upgrade. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Switch but I still play it consistently for some reason or another. Perhaps it's just the convenience factor.  The Switch library is an excellent mix of modern and retro gaming. I honestly never use it with the Dock too. It's pretty much just

Review: Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+) (Retro Game Handheld)

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus $99 Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+) Initial Review Model: Indigo (GameCube Inspired) Pre-Ordered: 10/30/2021 Shipped: 12/16/2021 Received: 1/5/2022 Initial Review: 1/12/2022 Price Paid: $99 + Shipping Overall Initial Score: 9.3/10 (A) (Price Weighted Very Heavily with all Grades). I plan to revisit this review within a couple months with further findings and as new options become available for the device. This is an initial review based on one long week of heavy use. In the realm of "budget" handhelds, the RP2+ now officially replaces the Anbernic RG351V as my favorite budget option. The 351V was my favorite for the vast majority of 2021. It will be very tough to beat the value of the RP2+ in 2022.  The Good 👍Significantly improved Saturn, Dreamcast, DS & N64 Performance!! 👍Improved Buttons 👍Drastically Improved Firmware/UI 👍No More Retroid OS 👍Setup Is Easy The Bad 👎Right Slider Is Awful 👎Screen Is "Meh" In

M64PlusFZ: Optimal Settings On The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

So far, everything I've tested on the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus when it comes to N64 emulation,  I'm getting the best results from M64PlusFZ. I use the M64PlusFZ Pro app on my phone and RP2+ but the regular app can be optimized in the same way. On the original RP2, I used mostly RetroArch and N64oid but it looks like M64PlusFZ is the way to go this time. Make sure to delete the stock M64 app that came with the RP2+ and install the app clean from the Play Store which includes updates specifically for the RP2+. Overall,  I was very pleased with my tinkering and could get good results even at 2X with some games but there are still issues in  games with bugs apparently caused by compatibility issues with the GPU, but are improved by getting the latest Play Store M64PlusFZ app. I came across a Reddit thread by FZurita (the developer of the emulator), tried out his suggested settings, and they beat my

Logan Paul's Destruction of 15 Game Boy Color Consoles Was Obnoxious

While I'm not sure how angry people should be about this (some on Twitter are pretty mad) stunt (last month) by Logan Paul. But I think it's certainly obnoxious to destroy 15 Game Boy Colors to make a table top. From a practical standpoint, destroying 15 functional GBCs to make a table top is about $900+ worth of consoles plus the other materials. Paul's comeback is that these are mass produced items and there are plenty of them out there,  but I think that's missing the point at how wasteful and privileged his little project was.  As someone who supports the preservation of gaming history,  I definitely was not impressed with this stunt... At the same time,  I think the faux level rage should be tempered considering rage is probably the response as an attention seeker, he was looking for. 

Upcoming Handhelds 2022

*To compare known specs of upcoming handhelds, the best reference is the handhelds spreadsheet from the RG Handhelds community: 2022 has a lot of unknowns in store for us and also a lot of known handhelds coming out. The tentative release dates (or pre-order date) for known handhelds in probable order: Odin/Odin Lite (January 10/end of January) #/ OneXPlayer Mini (January 13th) Panic Playdate (Q1 2022) PiBoy XRS (February 7th) Steam Deck (February)   Thumby (February) KT R1 (Indiegogo Soon, Ships March) AYANEO NEXT (Pre-Order February, Ships March)

AYANEO NEXT Looks Sharp (Handheld PC)

It looks like the new AYANEO NEXT models will be happening soon. They certainly look sharp and well designed. I wasn't  aware that it was this close to becoming a thing until Retro Game Corps tweeted about it: It appears there will be 3 different models (Base, NEXT Advance & NEXT Pro) of the AYANEO NEXT, and will all be viable alternatives for people who don't get a Steam Deck , although these are drastically more expensive. The base model runs $1265 on Indiegogo pre-order and increases to $1315 retail. The "Pro" model is $1465 on pre-order with a retail price of $1565. Personally, I'm sticking with the more capable Steam Deck at these prices.  Judging by the specs below,  these should be able to handle most handheld PC gaming desires but at a very high cost (price well above value I think)...

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus QC Concerns

Still waiting to receive my Retroid Pocket 2 Plus... this time it seems to be a problem with USPS not the shipper, but I do have to say before I've received the device,  I am a little concerned about the widespread reported quality issues with the handheld so far.  One Of Many QC Complaints Surfacing Online From sticking buttons to light bleed to improperly installed screens, it seems that the first run of the RP2+ has not been smooth across the board.  For the most part, it appears there are DIY fixes for most issues but it's definitely concerning. The RP2+ on paper looks to be the best deal in budget retro handhelds, but I am concerned about the widespread reported issues when most people haven't even received one yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to review it this week... USPS said it was out for delivery yesterday, nothing arrived and now they say it's out for delivery again today. Smh.  To date,  almost all quality issues seem to be with the "16-bit