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[OBSOLETE] Retroid Pocket 2 Review

[Previous Update: December 18, 2020... Due to the low price of the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+, the original Retroid Pocket 2 is in effect now obsolete. See RP2+ Review . site has now removed the original RP2 from sales... Following review remains as it was in 2020...] -- JAN 2022 Retroid Pocket 2 Review  - $84.99 Score 💖 8.5/10 The Good 🔥Price 👍Build Quality   👍Handles PS1/PSP/N64 Well 👍Comfortable Form Factor 👍Great Customer Service  The Bad 👎Android 8 Is Buggy 😬Plastic Material Feels Slick  💩Retroid OS is a Mess 👎Takes a Lot of Tweaking  👎Delivery Is Slow  👎Face Buttons Are a Bit Small All in all, for the price there aren't many complaints about this system. While its not my favorite handheld, its very close and I find myself using it more and more the longer I have it. I'd definitely suggest buying one or two at the current price because they will not be in production forever. There are some flaws with the system but it really gives us

[Updated] Review: PocketGo S30 Retro Handheld

[Originally posted February 2021... Since this time,  I haven't had much luck with the S30. The cheap battery ended up leaking and damaging internal components rendering the device useless. The defective battery is not an isolated issue as numerous people have reported this issue.  For that reason, I'm dropping my score down to a 0/10 in 2022 especially since the manufacturer has abandoned the device. There's no reason to buy one in 2022 unless you are just into collecting... Post Not Edited other than adding a 0/10 2020 Score...] I was not impressed with the PocketGo S30 out of the box but with community support and development, this do change quickly in the retro emulation game...  Score Stock Out of the Box - 3/10 Using RGC Setup - 6.5/10 In 2022 -0/10 Retro Game Corps S30 Updated Guide Originally I scored the console a 5/10 using the RGC setup but that setup has been updated and drastically improved.  Is it worth $60? If you have small hands I'd say so. It does have

[Updated] Top 5 Budget Retro Handhelds for Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulation

[Originally Posted on December 26, 2020.. RP2 dropped from List. RP2+ Added. RG280V Removed. RG351V Added. Images Updated.] If you are in the market for a retro handheld (ROM player), there are tons of options.  I f you are looking for a budget priced retro handheld that's specifically good at playing Gameboy Advance (GBA) ROMs here's the 5 I think are excellent options:  #1 Retroid Pocket 2 Plus $99 RP2+ The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus is another excellent option for GBA. Unlike the original RP2, the RP2+ is easy to set up which is why it's now my Top Pick for GBA play.  Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Review  #2 RG351P $80-$90 RG351P I'm not the biggest fan of the RG351P but the screen aspect is absolutely perfect for GBA games and they look better without filters on the RG351P than the other options.  Its a well built console that's perfect for on the go. The interface is simple and doesn't require a lot of knowledge like some systems.  #3 RG351V $100-$120 RG351V Despite hav

Sunday Retro Gaming Reddit Post Finds

I spend a lot of time on Reddit, particularly on Sundays. It's an excellent source for retro gaming information,  but it's a massive sea of posts to sift through.  Be sure to follow me on Reddit: Here are my picks for the 3 most interesting retro gaming related Sunday Reddit posts:  RG552 Android Compatibility List Miyoo Mini Testing Arts/Crafts: The Legend of Zelda

KT-R1 Is Now The KT-R1C

KT-R1 Render From 2020 It does look like the KT-R1 is still coming out but as the KT-R1C. The SD845 Version has officially been scrapped and replaced with the KT-R1C (Possibly 2 versions), one of which will sell for approximately $141 and release in March (tentatively)... Rumors have the new version running T610/T618 with two screen options (one the same screen as the Anbernic RG552) according to Lei on the RGHANDHELDS.COM Discord chat. If this price range sticks,  this could end up being much better than the Anbernic RG552 and still run up to GameCube.  I'm planning to keep a close eye on developments over the next couple months with this handheld. We've been talking about it since 2020, so hopefully it's successful.  Specs posted by Vaidotas on RGHANDHELDS.COM  Discord 

That Time I Angered The Nintendo Fans (LOL) [Destructoid Link]

I came across an old link that made my chuckle. I was definitely wrong with this post I made about the Wii and got a lot of attention over it. LOL. I do miss the old days of blogging a bit especially my days with Ziff Davis (1Up) before they tenporarily went under.  I wasn't wrong for wrong reasons looking back but I was wrong. Can't always be right!  Nintendo always defies logic...

Upcoming Xbox Series X|S Games (February 2022) Of Interest [Dying Light 2 & Elden Ring]

Microsoft's Xbox Series S has quickly become one of my favorite consoles in recent years.  There are two big games of note coming out on the Xbox Series X|S in February that I'm keeping an eye on.  These are not all the games coming out in February... these are just the games that have piqued my interest and both of these should be HUGE!! Dying Light 2 (February 4, 2022)  Official DL2 Site  [Link] I'm on the fence with Dying Light 2, but there's a good chance I'll be getting this game. The original was highly flawed but also highly fun. Dying Light 2 will also be landing on PS4, PS5 and PC. Dying Light 2 will run on the Xbox Series X, Series S and Xbox One.  No one thought mixing  parkour with zombies would be any good but the original was a blast to play. If they ironed out a lot of the issues with the original game, this has GOTY potential written all over it.  Elden Ring (February 25, 2022) Official Elden Ring Site [Link] Of all the games

Review: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Classic Game Review)

Retro Game Review: Oblivion (Xbox 360) on Xbox Series S (2022) Is Oblivion still fun in 2022? There aren't many games that I've put 400+ hours of gameplay into but Oblivion is one of them. I'm happy to say in 2022, Oblivion is very much still worth playing especially for anyone who hasn't experienced it. While it hasn't aged perfectly,  it had aged well enough to still be a great game. The main game not including DLC is currently on the Xbox Game Pass.  Played On: Xbox Series S Gameplay Time (2022): 12.5 Hours Time On Past Platforms: 400+ Hours  Overall Score 9/10 (A-) The Elder Scrolls game franchise is one of my favorites in all of gaming. I originally played through Oblivion in the past originally on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. My first experience with Elder Scrolls was Morrowind on the OG Xbox and I was instantly hooked. When Oblivion first came out. I probably would have given it a 9.5/10.  Today at a 9/10, it has aged well despi

Arctis 3 Console Edition Wired Gaming Headset [Review] (steelseries)

Arctis 3 (steelseries) Wired Console Edition Gaming Headset MSRP: $69.99 Price Paid: $39.99* Devices Tested On: Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, MacBook Pro, PC *Reviewed for value at $39.99 pricepoint! I would not recommend these at anything above $40-$50 range at this point though. I recently reviewed the Arctis 1 headset (5/10 score) which cost $49.99 and was not pleased with the results. This headset is better in most categories.  I like to Score reviews 0-100 or 0-10 with 70/100 and 7/10 being barely average.  I Disagree With Every Statement Here & These Were Made at MSRP Link To Arctis 1 Review Overall Score 7/10 ( Barely Average) The Good 🔥Overall Sound quality is good! 🔥Mid-Range Sounds Are Good  🔥Sound Clarity Is Good The Bad 👎Microphone is Below Average! 👎Uncomfortable while wearing eyeglasses! 👎Overall Design & Comfort Is Not Good! 👎MS

Upcoming Retro/Classic Game Reviews

One of my goals for 2022 on this blog is to start focusing more on reviews including reviewing classic video games from every generation. It should be a lot of fun to take a hard look at some old games and see if they have aged well or not. I plan to review some more modern games and do find it enjoyable to review anything that has been out a while. When there's no rush to get a review or,  you can often take a harder and more critical look at things.  This is what I have planned so far:  Headset Reviews  ARCTIS 3 Wired Gaming Headset (Soon) (Picked up for $39.99 on Amazon) Upcoming Handheld Device Reviews There really aren't that many "must buy" game devices in my mind (at the moment), but I will very likely be reviewing the Steam Deck, Miyoo P60 and Retroid Pocket 3 at some point this year. When it comes to retro handhelds, the market over the past couple of years has become very saturated. At the moment, those are the only 3 handhelds I'm intendin

Upcoming Handheld: Retro Lite CM4

I don't know a lot about the Retro Lite CM4 but it certainly looks like a very interesting option. I saw a little bit about it back in 2020 but it looks like it's finally near release time. The screen and build quality/design look pretty good.  Check out the video below:

Review: ARCTIS 1 (steelseries) Xbox Wired Gaming Headset

ARCTIS 1 Headset ARCTIS 1 steelseries Wired Xbox Headset   Price Paid: $49.99 @ GameStop Devices Tested On: Xbox Series S , Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, MacBook Pro. Overall Score: 5/10 The Good *Sound Clarity is Good  *Noise Separation Is Good The Bad *Cheap & Ugly Build Quality *Uncomfortable/Unstable *Volume Is Too Low *Passive Soundstage depth is nearly disorienting  *Treble range is below average *Priced higher than headsets that are better  -Price Weighted Heavily- According to Wired, the ARCTIS 1 "feels and sounds more expensive than it is..." which just gives me another reason in a long list of reasons to not pay any attention to their reviews. For the price,  these are well below average. They'll get the job done but not well in some areas. I've used $10 and $20 headsets that are better.   The majority of reviews I've seen on this headset grade them at above average