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Anbernic RG505 Specs [Assumed]

 Anbernic RG505 Specs Anbernic has teased their next device on YouTube... the Anbernic RG505 (RG-505) and it looks like a classic and recognizable Anbernic aesthetic.  The video shows the device running PS2 level emulation although not optimally. The device looks to be in the development stage, so there's no word yet on the release window.  Here's what we know or can assume so far:  Form Factor: Horizontol  OS: Android  Architecture: ARM 16:9 4.95" OLED Touchscreen (Same Size as RG-503) 960x544 Resolution (222.91 PPI) D-Pad: Upper Cross Thumb-sticks: Lower with L3/R3 Face Buttons: 4 Shoulders: 4 Horizontol  Shell: Black (Plastic)

Reports of a PowKiddy RGB10 Exploding

 It looks like there is now a report of a PowKiddy RGB10 exploding in someone's hands: PowKiddy definitely is NOT known for quality control or high quality builds. I have never seen a retro handheld explode personally but did have the battery on the PocketGo S30 expand (not explode) and break the handheld. This is definitely something worth looking into...

Retroid Pocket 3 Hardware Trailer (YouTube)

 Not much to see here (YouTube video above) other than a closer look at the Retroid Pocket 3. Given that the RP3 uses the same SoC as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus, I'm not expecting improved emulation performance (beyond marginal), but I am still expecting a device that's well worth the money. I opted for the 3GB RAM version. The 2GB option doesn't make much sense to go for...

AYASpace Beta Updated (AYANEO)

 Some early opinions on the AYANEO Air have started to surface and it looks like there is are already a system update available for the AYANEO Air. Between more palatable pricing than the original AYANEO, aesthetic design, product marketing and a commitment to support, I'm definitely impressed.  AYASpace Beta  Update details From Twitter: 1.Fix: RGB lighting effect display is not synchronized in sleeping mode 2. New: Added AYANEO AIR firmware upgrade guide page 3. Optimization: Re-debug the RGB lighting effect display cycle 4. Optimization: Solve other potential issues and optimize software performance has released their initial review of the anticipated handheld on YouTube: 

Retroid Pocket 3: Negative & Positive Chatter

 So far, there has been a lot of mixed opinions on the Retroid Pocket 3 within the community from my observations.  The Positive RP3 Talk The positives seem to be that the price is still good for what you are getting, the option for 3GB RAM instead of opting for 2GB is nice (with the newer Android version, I don't see sense in opting for 2GB), a higher resolution and larger screen should be better for streaming games than the RP2+ and clickable thumbs with L3/R3 are a welcome improvement. No more right slider! The Negative RP3 Talk  The negative Talk surrounding the handheld are that no reviewers other than Taki have had their hands on the device and the device he had may have been better than the final product which lead to speculation that it might have a news SoC.  In reality,  the SoC is the same. They have apparently opted to only sell the dome switch version instead of both dome and conductive rubber which has created some debate. Dome switch will definitely be "clickier

Budget Handhelds I Currently Have Pre-Ordered

 There are lots of game handheld options coming up (almost too many) but I do have two pre-ordered budget realm devices on the way in the near future.  Retroid Pocket 3 [3GB White $129] and the AYN Loki Zero [Black $199] are the two budget realm devices I have pre-ordered at the moment. I'll likely pre-order the KT-R1C as well when that order becomes available. I didn't see any sense in ordering the 2GB RAM version of the RP3, so opted for the 3GB model. I plan to upgrade the RAM and SSD on the Loki Zero myself when it arrives.  Hopefully at some point in September or October, I'll have enough time with both to get up reviews. Both devices,  I'll likely use more for streaming games than anything else. The RP3 should have roughly the same performance as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (Same SoC) or slightly better with optimizations and more memory. The Loki Zero will be considerably more powerful and likely become a much better option than the Anbernic Win600... Loki Zero Spe

Retroid Pocket 3 Pre-Order Starts August 4

  The assumed start for the Retroid Pocket 3 pre-order starts on August 4 (today) at 9PM EST.  The site does not list any updated Specs yet, so some details are still a mystery.  Updated Specs: The main upgrades you are reportedly getting over the RP2+ is the higher screen resolution and improved d-pad/face buttons...This one will be better than the RP2+ for game streaming. ?

Upcoming Game Handhelds For August 2022

Game Handheld Releases For August 2022 ***Update August 4: The Retroid Pocket 3 pre-order is now expected to start today: .  [9PM EST] ***Update August 12: It appears the PowKiddy X28 may be close to releasing. No official release date announced but it could be soon... Game handheld releases are hard to predict due to supply chain problems and parts shortages, so most release dates should be considered tentative not concrete.  August 2022 In Game Handheld Releases KT-R1C KT-R1C (aka KT R1C) is currently on pace for the metal versions to possibly be ready for pre-order by mid-month and ship out in September. There is no firm date set as of now. This handheld has quickly made it to the top of my most wanted device list recently.  KT-R1C SPECS Other August Retro Game Handheld Happenings  The Miyoo Mini V2/V3 shortage continues but Miyoo is expected to do another restock on the Official Store mid-month. FYI: There's no difference between the V2/V3 other than the V3 shippi

OH Wow 1 Retro Handheld SPECS

LAST UPDATED: August 1, 2022  The recently announced development of the OH Wow 1 adds another handheld to the deep list of upcoming handhelds. Specs for the OH Wow may change during the development.  Unlike most retro handhelds, this device is being developed in the US.  Tentative SPECS 3.5" IPS Screen, Pro Model May Have OLED Screen OS: Custom Linux RK3399 SoC (Same as RG552) 4x Cores 4GB RAM (RetroDodo article mentions 8GB max but it has been pointed out that the RK3399 SoC can't run 8GB. ?? Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth Price: $149.99 - $199.99 Tentative Pre-Order or Release: By November OH Wow Handheld Links Retro Dodo Article OH Wow Discord Channel OH Wow on Twitter

New KT-R1C Photos (Posted by Lei on Discord)

 It looks like the KT-R1C is getting closer and closer to finally becoming real. According to Lei on the RGHANDHELDS.COM Discord, the approximate weight for the metal variety will be around 320g. I would have preferred Stacked Shoulders myself but this might still be a pretty awesome pocketable option!  When it becomes available for pre-order, more info should appear on their site: Below are some new production images of the handheld assembled with an aluminum shell (colors are not final):

AOKZOE A1 Giveaway Link

 It looks like AOKZOE is giving away one A1 to a lucky winner in August! There has been some questions raised about the d-pad by people who have hands on time with it,  but it still appears to be an interesting and powerful option.  Link to Enter: AOKZOE A1 SPECS

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 I spend more time on Social Media than on the blog these days primarily due to speed and convenience. Follow Me on Twitter. I follow back legitimate accounts! @RKezins

RetroPixel Pocket SPECS (Upcoming Game Boy/Android Retro Handheld)

Retro Pixel Pocket SPECS As Of July, 2022.  The upcoming Retro Pixel Pocket definitely has my interest. Even the prototype looks great. Right now. RGHANDHELDS.COM has exclusive access to the prototype and it looks like a great vertical handheld perfect for Game Boy, Game Boy Color and hopefully Pico-8. There has been reported success running up to some Dreamcast so far. This may be the "Miyoo Medium" we've been wanting!  Photo From RGHANDHELDS Discord (Prototype Model)   Retro Pixel Pocket Known Specs (From RGHANDHELDS Discord) Retropixel Pocket   3 inch 720x720 Laminated IPS LCD Allwinner A64 (sun50iw1) SoC features a Quad-Core Cortex-A53 ARM CPU, and a Mali400 MP2 GP 3000 mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery  1 Gbit LPDDR3 8 Gbit  EMMC  Supports micro sd card 2W High resolution speaker Supports Wi-Fi Size Comparisons From Jutleys  Next To A Miyoo Mini  Next To a Nintendo Game Boy Color

Loki Zero Specs [AYN]

Loki Zero Specs: On Paper It Smashes The Anbernic Win600 Loki Zero [AYN] The Loki Zero is yet another model announced in the Loki handheld line by AYN. The Zero has a $199 early price that was announced a few days before Anbernic starts taking orders for the Win600 (Likely not a coincidence on AYN's part). Hopefully AYN can deliver on the numerous Loki SKUs they are promising... On paper, this looks like a deathblow to the $299.99 and Up Win600. Unlike the Win600, the Loki Zero does have a microSD slot... Pre-Order: Expected Key Specs (Could Change): Price: $199  Q4 Pre-Order Regular Price: $249 Free Extras: Pre-order Includes Bag  $$$ Extras/Ad Ons: 128GB NVMe +$22, Screen Protector +$6, Shipping +Variable, Charger +$12, Earbuds +$6, ... Emulation Power: Good Up to PS2?  SoC: AMD Athlon Silver 3050e CPU: AMD Zen  CPU Cores: 2 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.4 GHz - 2.8 GHz Architecture: x86-64  GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 3 GPU Clock: 1.0

New Horizontal Miyoo Mini Model

 Miyoo has had problems keeping up with demands and sourcing parts for the wildly popular Miyoo Mini, so it looks like their solution is a new horizontal version with the option to add different faceplates to it.  I don't think it matches the retro aesthetic of the original Mini but it's awesome they've found a way to keep this great handheld going into the future.  Not a lot is known yet but this new Mini appears to have a thumbstick and replaceable faceplates as updates.  Source:  

3 Places To Find Quality Vintage Posters Online

 Vintage Posters For Retro Inspiration 'Angels From Hell' Movie Poster Aside from just "retro" gaming, I have heavy interests in "retro" art (vintage) and works like vintage movie and travel posters. Most video games were heavily inspired by other art mediums, so I see it all as related. All links and images here are for educational and research purposes only.  This post focuses on 3 categories: Vintage Movies, Video Game Posters & Vintage Travel Posters.  Harry Ransom Center | University of Texas -  Movie Poster Collection (200+ [LINK] This movie poster collection (with high res downloads) at the above link is a great place to start when looking for vintage poster inspiration. The downloads are for research and education purposes only unless otherwise noted.  The University of Texas has a collection of over 10,000 vintage movie posters. Hopefully they are all online one day!  'Battle Beneath The Earth' Movie Poster | Retro Game Poste

AOKZOE A1: Another Steam Deck Alternative

 AOKZOE Info/Specs AOKZOE A1 Handheld PC AOKZOE appears to be a new company with close ties to One Netbook and recently announced the AOKZOE A1 handheld out of nowhere. I have to say the design looks very thoughtful, ergonomic and it is a powerful handheld. The first thing that caught my eye last week with this device is the disc style d-pad that's reminiscent of the SEGA Saturn controller (or Game Gear), the well placed buttons/thumb-sticks, and screen position. If the price is right,  this could end up being a great handheld!  Official Website: Video Link: AOKZOE A1 Anticipated Specs & Info:  Pre-order Date; July Ships: September  Form Factor: Landscape OS: Windows 11 / SteamOS SoC: AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU: AMD Zen 3+ CPU Cores: 8 CPU Threads: 16 Clock Speed: 2.7 GHz - 4.7 GHz Architecture: x86-64 GPU: AMD Radeon 680M D-pad: Disc  Face Buttons: 4 Shoulders: 4 Analog (Stacked) Charge Port: USB-C  GPU Clock Speed: 2.2 GHz RA

RG351V: AmberELEC 20220627 Sanshiro Tower Available

  The latest update to AmberELEC is out and highly recommended.  Decided to take a break from newer devices this week and check out the latest update to AmberELEC (Previously known as 351Elec) on the RG351V with a fresh install of the latest AmberELEC (20220627 Sanshiro Tower).  This version of AmberELEC is also available for the RG351P/M, RG351MP, & RG552.  Download the latest AmberELEC files from the following link or update via WiFi on the device: I also decided to use PortMaster (developed by the ArkOS developer) instead of AnberPorts which I had used previously.  Some games, you'll get considerably better performance out of the Linux port than you will from emulating a console ROM. The latest update to AmberELEC includes a lot of changes. The biggest I've noticed is that loading times are noticeably faster on the 351V from what I've checked out so far.  Improvements Inc

AYANEO Flip Photos So Far (Mystery)

 We don't know much about the AYANEO Flip other than it's a clamshell device with recessed thumb-sticks, stacked triggers, should be running an AMD 6800U and it should be out late this year.  They've leaked out or dropped two artsy cropped photos (from a render) so far this week and that's about it... Hopefully we can see some full images soon... AYANEO Flip

KT R1C Specs [Upcoming Retro Handheld]

 We've been talking about the KT R1C (Previously thought to be KTR1 [Cancelled] since 2020 and it looks like the handheld might be produced and ready to go in the near future.  All information below should be considered Speculative Until Final Product! KT R1C Render KT R1C Specs Company: KT Model: R1C Price: $170+ SKUs: Possibly 2-4 or More Screen 4.5" Tempered Glass (OCA) IPS Touch-Screen, 3:2 Aspect 1620x1080 (432.67 PPI)  Form: Landscape  OS: Android 12 Emulation Performance: Up to GameCube/Wii and possibly a little 3DS/PS2 SoC: MediaTek Helio G99 CPU: Cortex-A76 (2x), Cortex-A55 (6x) 8 Cores Total, 8 Threads CPU Clock: 2.0 GHz- 2.2 GHz Architecture: ARM GPU: Mali-G57 MC2 GPU Clock: 1068 MHz RAM: 3,4,6 or 8GB LPDDR4X  Battery: 5000 mAH  Cooling: Custom heatsink, fan, Vents D-pad: Cross, Multiple Placement Options  Analogs: Dual Thumb-sticks w/ L3/R3, Multiple Placement Options  Face Buttons: 4 Shoulder Buttons: 4 Horizontol  Other Buttons: Power, Volume +/-, Home, Hotkey/Me