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Anbernic RG351MP Up Next

Starting to look like the next Anbernic device will be another RK3326 device called the RG351MP (Metal Pro?).. before we get the RG552.  From the information available it looks like another horizontal handheld upgrade to the 351P/M but this time with a proper 4:3 640x480 screen which is pretty exciting.  Personally I wasn't a big fan of the screens on the 351P/M so this is a welcome move to have a horizontal handheld to match up with the 351V. No word on price yet but I expect it to be around $140-$150.  RK3326 devices are starting to get played out at this point but this should still be a good option for some people. 

The Legend of Zelda (NES) Turned 34 in NA Today

Hard to believe The Legend of Zelda came out 34 years ago today in North America (1987). Since that time the series has had a phenomenal run for a game Nintendo executives believed would never be popular in North America due to requiring patience.   Despite being 34 years old (In NA) the game is still fun due to great game design.  In a lot of ways The Legend of Zelda cleared the path for the many action RPGs that we may have never gotten if it weren't for the massive success this game had. I'd definitely list The Legend of Zelda as one of the ten most influential games in history.  If you live under a rock and have never played it,  I highly suggest coming out from under the rock playing this important and historical game. The game is so well known there is no need to describe it here.

Odin Handheld: Fund or Wait?

The Odin retro handheld from AYN Technologies crowdfunding page (Indiegogo) went live yesterday so a lot of people will be wondering if they should take the risk and fund it now or wait... For me, I'm sitting this one out at least for now. The ceiling for the Odin is pretty high as it could end up being a great handheld that can handle up to GameCube and Wii level emulation. I also have to admit the Steam Deck killed a little bit of my excitement for the Odin. Prices on Odin after these "early bird" reserves are finished are expected to rise and that makes the Steam Deck even more attractive in my opinion. We'll just have to see how things go. I genuinely hope Odin does really well but my intuition says that there's a lot of potential red flags here.  Hopefully I'm not sounding too negative here because this could turn out to be an awesome handheld. There's just a lot of unknowns... Onl

Fake Covid Vaccination Cards Coming From Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, China is mostly known for shipping electronic devices worldwide but it looks like fake Covid-19 vaccination cards are originating from there too.  Pretty disappointing to see this as I'm sure if it continues, shipments of legitimate electronics will start getting delayed as well.  The article below was not specific about where people are ordering these from but it is certainly a felony for whoever is ordering them.

Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Distributor Again

It looks like Nintendo is cracking down pretty hard on RomUniverse and has now convinced courts to order the site owner to destroy all of his ROMs. Makes me wonder how many other sites they intend to go after.  This is one reason I think companies selling emulation handhelds should seriously consider shipping their handhelds without microSD cards the way the GameForce was shipped to keep things fully legal.

Mod Find: PowKiddy A66/ TrimUI Model S D-Pad Fix

I'm not a big fan of the PowKiddy A66 (Formerly know as the TrimUI Model S) as evidenced by my review but the independent development community with custom firmware fixes has made it a viable option. The clicky d-pad is problematic with circular motions that cause false and missed inputs. Fortunately it looks like 'Liartes' has come up with the 3D Printing solution for the DIY crowd out there. I haven't tried it yet myself but it's now on my To Do list.

Odin Retro Handheld Dock Announced

It looks like the Odin Handheld will have an optional dock that looks interesting. It will include two Gamecube ports to play games using original GC controllers. There's no word on the exact price of the dock yet. We do know the base model (without a dock) will have a price of $199.99 for early adopters and the price will go up after that. What started out looking like potential vaporware has really started to shape up into an interesting handheld emulation option that can handle up to GameCube/Wii/PS2 level emulation on the go.  Keep an eye on Indiegogo for the pre-sale to go live at some point in the near future. I think the attractiveness of this handheld at the premium price point may have been dulled by the upcoming Steam Deck from Valve but the Steam Deck if you haven't reserved one yet will be incredibly hard to get your hands on next year due to the massive demand.

Anbernic RG280M Down to $55.99 on Amazon

Looks like the Anbernic RG280M keeps slipping in price and the black model is now $55.99 on the Baoruiteng store. For that price I'd say it's definitely worth jumping on. It's currently $81.99 for all models at . Specs: CPU:J4770 Material: Aluminum alloy Display: 2.8inch IPS screen Resolution:320*480 Color: Red-blue gradient/Gray/Black Battery Capacity: 2500mah Key Buttons: D-pad, Analog joystick, A, B, X, Y, Start, Select, L1/L2, R1/R2, Power, Volume Ports: OTG, Headset jack, USB/DC,TF2 External Micro SD slot, Reset, TF1 Internal Micro SD slot,2 Speakers Dimension: 13.6cm*6.1cm*1.8cm Weight: 205g