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Sonic 30th Anniversary Watch By Seiko

With the 30th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog coming up there will definitely be lots of collectibles coming out to commemorate the event especially out of Japan.  One I definitely am thinking about trying to buy is the 30th Anniversary Sonic watch from Seiko. Not many people wear regular watches anymore but I do. 

Updated Developments With The KT R1 Handheld.

As promised by the developer of the KT R1 he has posted some notes on where things are headed with the highly anticipated handheld. Sounds like it is a ways off from physical release but progress is occurring. I'm definitely keeping an eye on further developments. I'm not the biggest fan of the 3:2 ratio and the resolution may cause some emulators issues jumping up that high but we'll see what happens. This is still a pretty exciting project to keep an eye on. Posted by timeisart on Discord:  New update from Niluanxy:  Seeing the title, there must be a bunch of people going to spray again. It's been half a year since I drew the pie, and the 199 next door has all prototypes. The result is still a pie. I dare to call it the strongest handheld. Then I will talk about what I have been doing in the next half of the year, why there has been no movement, whether the machine is drawing a pie, and whether it can be released. Let’

Evercade VS Limited Founder Edition Pre-Orders Now Open

I wasn't a big fan of the handheld Evercade even though I do really like the basic ideas behind it like collecting perfectly legal and licensed game cartridges.  The UK based Funstock has this premium version of the latest Evercade console (home console) up for pre-order now for $225.88 USD and should release in November. From everything I've seen the console looks to be high quality and will work with cartridges from the original handheld Evercade and can link to it. Complete with a limited Evercade VS Founder Edition console in Black with two Black controllers, this collection will be  limited to only 5000 units  and is available  exclusively on Funstock. With the package, you will receive: Evercade VS  Founder Edition Console (Black) Evercade VS  Founder Edition Controller (2x Black) Evercade VS  Founder Edition Exclusive Packaging Evercade  Handheld Black Link Cable Founder Edition  Certifi

What's the Hold-up With the PowKiddy X18S??

The PowKiddy X18S was originally supposed to be released a while back but was delayed and delayed again due to software issues with the Android build. The original X18 had a lot of problems with the Android build so that made some sense although PowKiddy has never been known to care how well the software side of things is working.... It's starting to sound like the actual problem has more to do with chip shortages. If what's being said on Discord channels is true, they switched to the Unisoc Tiger T610 chip instead of using the T618.  This is still rumor territory of course but it sounds probable. There's no official word from PowKiddy about what's going on.  The X18S still looks like it still  has potential to be an interesting option depending on price and when it finally comes out...

Valve "SteamPal" Handheld PC on the Horizon?

PC gaming isn't my main thing although I do play on Steam here and there at home. It looks like Valve is jumping into the portable battle soon.  There are a few independent portable PC gaming handheld options on the market like the Aya Neo but it looks like Valve might be jumping into the portable PC gaming market and in a big way. The way the SteamPal is headed, we are looking at extremely good performance for potentially a good price. According to the report by The Phawx here, $399 might be the price. If $399 is the price, this is pretty big handheld gaming news.   Check out the YouTube video link below for information on this development:

Review: GameForce RK3326 Handheld (CHI)

Overall Score - 8.3/10 There's a lot to like about the GameForce and some things to not like but the high res 4:3 screen on a horizontal RK3326 device with awesome ergonomics make this one a great 4:3 option just slightly behind the 351V overall .  GameForce Gaming Handheld CPU: ROCK-CHIP RK3326 Quad-core Cortex-A35 up to 1.5Ghz GPU: Mali-G31MP2 Memory: 1GB DDR3L Screen: 3.45 inches TFT IPS screen, non OCA Resolution 640X480, Response time 10-15ms, Viewing angle 85 degree Charge and Data port: USB-Type C Charging voltage: 5V. 2A Battery: 3000 mAh Memory Card support: TF card, up to 512GB WiFi: WiFi Built-in, 2.4Ghz band Backlights: 7 Colors LEDs Dual Speakers Dual Joysticks (ALPS, same as PS VITA) Dual Vibration Motors System: EmuELEC and RetroArch (Officially supported by EmuELEC with a 4.1 build specific to the GameForce) Scores are always fairly arbitrary when going from reviewer to reviewer and subjective. I often debate whether to even use them but 8.3/10 is my est

KT R1 Retro Handheld Updated Info Coming Soon

The KT R1 retro handheld was a hot topic of discussion towards the end of last year but we hadn't heard much about it in a while. I was starting to guess that it might sadly become vaporware but work is currently happening on the system and some updated information will be coming out by the end of the month.  Post from back in December: From the sounds of things what we do know with certainty as of today is that the screen for the KT R1 is a 4.5" 1620*1080 3:2 screen and the first working model will be produced by the end of June. So far it has just been renders that we've seem so at least we should be getting a look at a functioning handheld by next month.  The handheld looks an awful lot like the Retroid Pocket 2 in ways but will be drastically more powerful. I'm not too thrilled with a 3:2 screen ratio but at the size of 4.5 inches playing games in 4:3 on it shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully we ge

GPD Win 3: Some Units Have Wrong WiFi Chip

It looks like according to Reddit and confirmed on the GPD site, some people are receiving Win 3 units with older WiFi chips installed. I'm sure this has something to do with the widespread parts shortages going on but they probably should have announced this before people receiving them started noticing.   The advertised specs on the Win 3 (which is not a cheap device) show an AX200 WiFi chip but some customers are receiving units with an older AC7265 part installed. It's not a huge deal but it certainly raises eyebrows. From the looks of things GPD is promising to make things right with buyers but this definitely doesn't look good... Perhaps they thought no one would notice. Hard to know what the reason behind this blunder is. Definitely not a major deal breaker but it's certainly not a good look.   If you plan to buy a Win 3 or already ordered one, definitely be on the lookout for this issue.

SEGA Back Stickers For the RG351V Available Now on Etsy

Looks like SakuraRetroModding has added repositionable SEGA themed stickers to the RG351V modding lineup The 351V is my favorite of all the RK3326 handhelds and is pretty easy to take apart. I've made a couple orders from the SRM Etsy page and have been 100% satisfied each time.  Check out the store at the link below:

Upcoming Retro Nintendo Switch Games of Note (End of May, 2021)

The Nintendo Switch in many ways is a pretty good "retro" console with a nice mix of old and new games. May is almost over but there are definitely still some games coming out out to keep a close eye on... May 20, 2021/May 24, 2021: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster  SMT III: Nocturne was a pretty awesome game on the PS2 so I'm definitely looking forward to playing it again on the Switch. The game is $49.99 right now in pre-order status and the digital deluxe version is $69.99. The deluxe version releases on the 20th while you'll have to wait until the 24th if you are buying the regular version.  May 27, 2021 Earth Defense Force: World Brothers EDF games are almost always fun and I think this one may be a potential sleeper hit especially with the "Lego block" aesthetic. While it is a "new" game it heavily relies on retro and vintage games for the inspiration. It looks to be similar to previous EDF Multi-player sho

ArkOS 1.7 For RG351V Is Very Promising

I haven't had the time to dive into it extensively but the latest ArkOS release for the RG351V is promising from the little bit I've tested. One very noticeable thing is a big improvement with N64 emulation over other firmware options.  I haven't dived into it hard enough for a definitive opinion but it's definitely promising.  You can download the new stable 1.7 update here:

Anbernic RG300X Coming Soon

*Update: The original Anbernic RG300 has seen one upgrade (upgrade to an IPS screen) and multiple shells. It looks like Anbernic is working on a new version called the RG300X but no one really knows the specs yet.  My best guess is that the 300X will become a more pocketable and cheaper device for people on the fence with the RG351V. Its pretty unlikely that they'll fit an RK3326 board into the 300 so I'm not sure what processor we will be looking at. It's an unusual move in ways because the 280V is already a decent pocketable vertical option but we'll have to see.  The RG300 (IPS) version sells for around $50 nowadays and is am excellent buy for the price. I imagine an upgraded version will likely start out at $80. Some people are guessing they might be using a JZ4770 processor but there's really no way to know at this point.  In addition to whatever the RG300X is, Anbernic is a

GameForce CHI RK3326 Ordered And Will Hopefully Review Soon

Order at  !!! Shipping lately for almost anything has been all over the place lately (a lot due to covid etc) so I'm not sure when my GameForce (CHI) RK3326 that I ordered the other day will arrive but hopefully in the near future so I can get some extensive hands on time with it.  What currently interests me most about it is the nostalgic look, the fact that it was an independent project, Official EmuELEC support, proper retro 4:3 aspect and it honestly looks ergonomic. I also like how it does not ship with an SD card. I never use the cards that ship with Anbernic systems for example as they are prone to failure and doing your own fresh firmware install is always best with these kind of systems not to mention there's no legal grey area with this transaction whatsoever.  Jutleys on Discord set up a great Q & A session recently with Gao Feng (the creator of the GameForce) and got to find out a little extra about the system. I learned 3 i

Evoland 2 Is A Great Retro Option On The Google Play Pass

I have been a big fan of Google Play Pass for Android gaming since the service first came out. It's a drastically better value than the subscription based game service setup on iOS from Apple.  Play Pass is loaded with retro/vintage options and it looks like Evoland 2 was recently added.  Much like the original game, it has heavy Zelda inspired gameplay with pieces of other genres tossed in. In essence it's a game that tosses in every retro video game genre into one game visually blended with a retro and modern aesthetic and is done surprisingly well. Evoland 2 is longer than the original game as well. Definitely worth a look!  Normally $6.99 its free with the GamePass right now.  What Others Are Saying About Evoland 2:

More GameForce Chi RK3326 Photos

More official images have surfaced on the site. I'm in the "on the fence" category at the moment but I'll probably end up ordering one anyway.  I already discussed some of the negatives in previous posts. The main reasons to buy one I think are:  *4:3 aspect Rk3326 system in horizontal shell potentially making it the best horizontal RK3326 retro handheld option.  *Officially supported by EmuELEC development. As far as I'm aware it's the only RK3326 system now officially specific supported.  *The backlit face buttons and d-pad look great and can't be turned on or off.  *The housing has a real "retro" look to it and it looks ergonomic and well designed to me.