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Excellent Handheld System Case Option (BangGood)

One of my favorite recent purchases was a few of these waterproof cases with the customizable inserts  from BangGood . I picked up 2 for $8 each but unfortunately they've gone way up in price since.  I have one that I've set up to store 4 SBC handhelds and the other I'm using with my Gameboy Horror (GBC) which comfortably holds the Gameboy Color console, a battery charger,  4 games in their cases, 4 extra AA batteries and a worm light. The case itself is semi cheap plastic but it gets a good airtight seal keeping moisture out.  Hopefully I'll find some deals on similar cases. They are perfect for storage and still small enough to be used for on the go travel as well. 

Anbernic Sets RG351V Base Price at $108.99

In addition to the countdown ticker, Anbernic has set the base price for the RG351V at $108.99. The price isn't too bad and lands within the range of what was expected. The countdown indicates it will be available for order on Monday.  While not a big hardware upgrade by any means, the 351V brings back a proper 4:3 screen (the same screen from the 350M), dual micro SD slots and a vertical form factor making is far more suited for retro gaming than the 351P/M was. 

RG351V Countdown To Availability Started posted a countdown ticker showing the RG351V (Vertical) will be available for purchase in a little over 50 hours which confirms rumors from last week that it would be available on March 1st. 

Mistplay App Review: Paid To Play Android Games

For curiosity sake I've been testing out the various pay to game apps recently. Cash Alarm I've figured out I can make around $1.50-$2.50 per hour most of the time and it's quickly deposited to PayPal when you cash out.  Mistplay is drastically different in good and bad ways. After messing around with it for a week I'd estimate you can make between $1-$1.50/hour of gaming. Neither are really a career or job move but it is nice to get a little cash back if you are into mobile gaming. If you'd like to try it out,  hit the above link. If you join up,  I'll receive approximately 12 cents worth of points so the referral value isn't too high here.  The Good   Mistplay for Android has a really sleek and modern UI and also a very wide variety of games to choose from including some that I already play. The payouts take longer to build up than places like Cash Alarm but it at least includes better games. Mistplay also works as a credit

Classic Video Game Ad: E.T. (Atari 2600)

Possibly considered one of the worst games in history by most and certainly the one that caused the video game crash in the 80s was E.T. for the Arari 2600.  To be fair if you can figure out what's going on,  the game honestly wasn't the worst. A large number of cartridges for this game ended up buried in landfills.  Pretty cool that people are preserving these advertisements digitally so they can live on forever. 

My Current Top Five Gaming Wishlist 2021 $$$

As an avid gamer/collector I will likely never be able to purchase or acquire every game, device or accessory that I really want but I'm certainly always increasing the size of my collection.  This is the Top Five gaming related items on my wishlist:  BoxyPixel Gameboy Color Aluminum Shell .  Surprisingly I still use my GBC handheld console quite a bit but I can't stop thinking about how I'd really like to get one of these aluminum shells for it from Boxy Pixel. It's a little expensive at $69 but from everything I've seen well worth the price. GameForce RK3326  We are within weeks or perhaps even a week of the GameForce coming up for sale. Early rumors indicate it should retail for around $89.99 and possibly be sold through the URL . The unusual look, a proper 4:3 screen for retro gaming and a build that appears to be very ergonomic has me highly interested desp

GameStop Pushing Intellivision Amico Pre-Orders

We are still roughly 8 months away from the launch of the Intellivision Amico and GameStop is starting to market the console a little harder.  Image from Intellivision Facebook Ad  Still not really sure where I stand on the system. It looks pretty interesting but I'm not sure if I want to spend between $249.99 and $299.99 on one or not. Being a custom Android/Linux system mildly interests me if it ends up being something easily hacked or modified but might be pretty underpowered for the price. I definitely plan to keep an eye on developments though.

Official Debut of RG351V

The "official" unveiling on the RG351V was posted by Anbernic earlier. Sales will go live on March 1st.  The return to a proper 4:3 aspect ratio for retro gaming and Dual SD card slots is a big selling point. Not sure what the cost will be yet... RG351V

Soulja Boy Claims to Have Designed a Video Game Console... again.

It looks like Soulja Boy is back claiming to have designed a video game console (which he didn't design) to sell for a big upmark.   It didn't take internet sleuths long to find the console which is just one of Anbernic's basic boxes. Hopefully not many people fall for this bizarre scheme...  Twitter find by .  This isn't the first time he's claimed to have designed a game console that he really didn't. Very reminiscent of the electric bicycle he had also claimed to have designed but just imported. It's definitely bizarre but I'd assume he keeps doing these schemes because people must be falling for it.

Bulletstorm Released 10 Years Ago Today

Hard to believe Bulletstorm was released 10 years ago by Electronic Arts (EA) on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows. While not the best shooter of the era,  it was a pretty good game.  An 83/100 average critical score on Metacritic isn't too bad. At the time FPS games were getting stale and Bulletstorm set itself apart with the skill shot mechanics and a few interesting wrinkles to set it apart from other games at the time. Technical issues and glitchy gameplay was what held it back from being a great game. I did enjoy the fast gameplay style though.

GameForce RK3326 In Mass Production

Pretty interesting read over at Obscure Handhelds concerning developments with the GameForce RK3326. (LINK BELOW) The last price I heard on the console is $89.99 which puts it in the range of other RK3326 handhelds. At this point there are quite a few.  It appears there will be 3 color variants. It's a weird looking console but honestly I like the design a lot.  It looks like it will be very comfortable in the hands and has a nice screen size. This device has been on my radar for a while and is a Day 1 purchase for me.

Metal Slug Attack Major Update Incoming (iOS)

There’s a big update happening soon for Metal Slug Attack on iOS from SNK. More information about it can be located on the SNK site. While not my favorite F2P iOS game it can be a lot of fun. It’s pretty much a side-scrolling strategy game with a Metal Slug paint job. Surprisingly it’s been out for 5 years now. Just use Google Translate to read the above page in English. 

GKD Mini Available Next Week

I'd definitely like to get my hands on the GKD Mini at some point to review. is one of my favorite places to get retro handheld consoles from and it's available for pre-order there. The GKD Mini looks tiny in photos but does have a 3.5" 320x240 display which is plenty for a pocket-size device. 1.5 Ghz procrsser with 1GB of RAM with a sub $80 price-tag for the plastic version makes it an interesting option. I'm not sure if I like the rounded corners on a device this small but will have to see.  I'm currently planning on buying an Anbernic RG351V and GameForce RK 3336 next so not sure if it's in my budget to pick up a GKD Mini just yet but I might at some point. 

Capcom Arcade Stadium on Nintendo Switch Uses MAME

Pretty interesting that Capcom uses MAME for the emulation in Capcom Arcade Stadium on the Nintendo Switch instead of in house programming.  Had it been a Nintendo developed game, they probably would have denied using the code. Nice to see Capcom giving credit where credit is due.

Getting Paid To Play Android Games: Cash Alarm

Get Paid To Play Android Games?  I wasn't sure if the Cash Alarm app was legit or not but it certainly seems to be. Discovered a couple games I actually like on there too.  Like most things in life it's certainly not a get rich quick thing but you can actually make a couple bucks here and a couple bucks there just playing games in the featured section.  While completely optional if you are interested in trying it out I would highly appreciate the help. Anyone using my affiliate link below will also get 25% credit of all the coins I earn and I'll get 25% of yours. That could definitely help me out with site expenses and expanding the blog in the future.  Hey, just found an App that gives you money for playing games! Discover games and apps that suit you. Cash for every minute you're playing (Amazon, PayPal, GooglePlay…)! It is as simple as it sounds: just open the link, download Cash Alarm for free and start playing games. You will receive 4444 coins as a start-up bonus

Atari Posts an Optimistic Financial Outlook

Pretty interesting breakdown at this link of what's going on financially with Atari. I just don't know. The Atari VCS has made very very little noise in game news so I'm not sure how successful it will be. With the constant troubles surrounding the VCS for the past couple of years combined with a high price and very little media attention I'm not very optimistic about their future.  You can Google Search "Atari VCS" and recent News articles about the console are very sparse.  While I do find the VCS to be interesting myself I just don't find it to be $400 interesting. The complete lack of noise surrounding this console at this point leads me to think its already a bust but we'll have to see.  Revenue is already going down. I do think their cryptocurrency idea is interesting though. Just not sure how well any of this will do.

BANDAI NAMCO Publisher Sale (Nintendo Switch)

Hard to pass up a NAMCO BANDAI publisher sale on the Switch. I went ahead and picked up Namco Museum even though I don't really need it. It's equivalent to buying the same games repeatedly but that's sometimes what we do as gamers. I don't mind supporting the publisher a bit and getting those classics onto my Switch.  It looks like the sale will be going on until the 25th and includes titles up to 84% off.  Switch Sale *This post includes no affiliate links and I do not benefit in any way from you using them. The links come from Facebook ad by Nintendo. 

Reached 500 Followers on Instagram

Started up my IG page that goes along with this blog back in December and just reached 500+ followers. Small milestone but I definitely appreciate reaching certain numbers. Hopefully I can hit 1000 within another few months. If I do I plan to do a giveaway to celebrate.  Follow Me On IG   Definitely looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings in the realm of retro handhelds. 2020 was a pretty big year for them. 

TRIMUi Model S: Still Working On It

I had planned to review the TRIMUi Model S soon but I don't feel like it's something I could recommend for $50 at this point. I do see a lot of potential with this device so I'm holding out hope. There are developers working on custom firmware and the manufacturer of the Model S is still working on updating things. At minimum it's a good sign that they are actively working on problems.  After updating to the firmware 0.105 I have noticed some definitely improvements with most of the emulators although screen tearing seems to actually be worse with Gameboy than it was originally. Sound issues are still hit or miss too. All in all there has been improvement but it's simply not there yet.  The biggest problem with this device is the screen tearing and other screen issues. There seems to be a problem with the screen driver not working well with the device.   I actually like the crisp buttons on the Model S, the solid build, convenient near wallet size  and t

New RG351V Ad Photos Appear on Amazon

Anbernic should be releasing the RG351V within a few weeks. We already know 3 colors will be available. A few ads here and there have been popping up for the console although there's no price yet and it's not for sale. Someone pointed out the Amazon link in Discord but I decided to not post the link here as the description includes wrong spec info.  Either way it's nice to see more marketing material appear for this highly anticipated vertical console. I definitely like the look and the more appropriate 4:3 screen. It appears to be the same screen that is on the 350M. I wish the left thumbstick had been placed a little further to the right design-wise but everything else looks pretty good.  The photos appearing on Amazon show the wood grain style and the grey models. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon.  

Another SEGA Nomad Clone

Found another SEGA Nomad clone but this time for only $65 with free shipping from Russia. The quality even for $65 seems a little shady to me so I'll be passing. I do find it interesting that Nomad clones and knockoffs are starting to appear all over. Definitely a sign that the Nomad is increasing in interest after years of somewhat obscurity.  I remember when the Nomad first came out and it often sat on shelves unsold. I bought one in the clearance bin at the Fort Hood, Texas PX back in 1996 myself. I wish I still had it.  Link to the SEGA Nomad Clone on eBay:  (I definitely don't endorse buying this. The face buttons and d-pad look really bad)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (PS3) Released 10 Years Ago

Hard to believe that the Playstation 3 is technically a retro system but it has now been unsupported by Sony since October, 2016.  Ten years ago on February 15, 2011, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was released on the PlayStation 3 in North America (physical discs and digital download formats were available).   Capcom is virtually synonymous with arcade style fighting games and this one certainly did not disappoint me although opinions on the game are all over the map.  The game currently sits on a score of 80% on Metacritic with a drastically lower user of 66% for the later released "Ultimate" version.  A lot of people felt the game looked awesome aesthetic-wise but was somewhat unbalanced and flawed in gameplay.  The 3 character fighting teams set up a formula very similar to Tag Team and honestly had a true arcade vibe to it. The gameplay and character roster was generally well received by players but the online components lacked the options of a true A

GameForce RK3326 Pre-Release Unboxing and Tear Down (YouTube)

An excellent Pre-Release Unboxing and Tear Down video of the GameForce RK3326 handheld was just posted by Always Be Fun on YouTube. I've been closely following this console and can't wait to get my hands on it. The ergonomics look great. Check out the new video at the link below:

RetroN Video Game Consoles List

UPDATED February, 2021 Virtually everyone involved in retro gaming has heard of RetroN consoles manufactured by Hyperkin who is well known for 3rd party gaming accessories as well. I've always had mixed feelings about RetroN consoles as the quality is often a mixed bag. RetroN consoles are not always straight hardware clones as some rely heavily on emulation as well. RetroN is heavily Nintendo-centric.  *Note: No links in this post are affiliate related. I do not benefit in any way from any purchases made through the links here. I also do not endorse the links. They are for reference purposes.  RetroN Jr.  The RetroN Jr started out as an April Fool's joke but then became announced as reality in 2020 by Hyperkin. Haven't heard much about it recently so I'm not sure if this console will become a thing or not. Playing GB and GBC games on the television could be an interesting thing though.  RetroN Ult Rumors constantly circulate about Nintendo relea