10 Instagram Pages You Should Follow Today! (Gaming & More)

10 Pages To Follow On Instagram (IG)

When it comes to social media, Instagram despite being owned by Facebook is still a more enjoyable place than Facebook and there are tons of interesting pages to follow especially in the retro gaming, modding, and cosplay realms. I find that those 3 categories work well together. There are more "not so great pages" than great ones so hopefully this list of suggestions can cut through that a bit. 

The Retro Handheld Modders (4 Suggestions)

A good place to start is with @boxypixel (Boxy Pixel) who creates some amazing machined handheld shells and parts. I haven't ordered anything yet myself but a Metal Unhinged Game Boy Advance is on my wishlist. 

The second stop for classic handheld game console modding should be @jellybellycustoms who os into collecting, modding, refurbishing and repairs with a lot of GBA options. 

Yet another great page for modding enthusiasts is MarkyPi Gaming (@marky_pi).  This page focuses mainly around designing and modding using RaspberryPi boards. If you are interested in a tiny handheld like the Curcuit Gem which is a modded Dreamcast VMU, this is one of the very few places you can get one! 

MRGC or My Retro Game Case (@myretrogamecase) is one of my favorite modders/designers in the retro handheld arena. I currently have one of their handhelds, the G32 ESP32 Retro Gaming Console, and love it. MRGC is very active in the retro handheld community and is always up to designing something interesting. 

Cosplayers To Follow On Instagram (4 Listed)

The most interesting page to follow in this list is certainly (@leairis_artsy_stuff) Leairis Cross who has a very eclectic mix of cosplay,  art and a lot of gaming and anime themes mixed in. Cosplay, art,  and gaming have always gone together well and this page proves that. 

Another must follow cosplayer page is @allyssooonnn. Her cosplay work is wide ranging and top shelf quality. I'm particularly a fan of her Tifa Lockhart  (Final Fantasy) work and the fact that a lot of her posts are self portraits. Definitely a creative page to follow! 

Natalia Kat is another page you need to follow if you are big cosplay fan. I originally spotted her page through some amazing Panther Ann cosplay (Persona 5).  Definitely a Twitch Streamer/Cosplayer you should follow for lots of game related creativity. 

I'm surprised this page by Silver Heart Cosplay only has a little more that  4k followers. It should be a LOT more. Anyone who does a Boba Fett / Princess Tiana mash-up that works deserves a lot of followers. If you check out this page,  definitely scroll down and check out the Wonder Woman 1984 Gold Armor Cosplay. It's very well done and total fire 🔥!!!

Video Creators

If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy source on retro handhelds, Russ is is the top video reviewer in the retro handheld emulation scene. This is a MUST FOLLOW page for anyone even mildly interested in retro handhelds. 

ETAPRIME is another excellent source for information on retro handhelds and emulation. Like RGC this is another MUST FOLLOW page for anyone interested in retro handhelds. 

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