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PowKiddy A20: Buy or Pass?

PowKiddy A20 Retro Game Handheld (Android) Based on all known information, I'm still "On The Fence" with this one. It looks like an "OK" buy for anyone interested in a cheap 6 face button handheld with moderate performance. I'll likely not buy one myself, but I'm keeping it on my list of possible future buys.  The PowKiddy A20 is on my list of potential buys but I've grown very cautious when it comes to PowKiddy products over time due to quality issues that plague nearly every handheld they release. An affordable 6 face button handheld is definitely attractive for things like old school SEGA Genesis and Arcade emulation.   Russ at posted a very "deep dive" look at the handheld which is a must watch for anyone interested in this handheld. It sounds like this handheld has some issues but issues are expected with PK devices. All in all, I think the PowKiddy A20 appears to be an "

New Miyoo Mini Photo (Tiny Retro Game Handheld)

The above photo of the upcoming Miyoo Mini appeared on Baidu demonstrating how tiny this upcoming handheld is.  I'm cautiously looking forward to the Miyoo Mini but don't expect a lot considering the Miyoo/BittBoy track record of quality is not stellar. If the price is around $50 or below at launch,  it could be a fun budget option. The expected release was the end of November which is now so we'll see if it actually comes out or is another victim of parts shortages... Related Post:

PiBoy XRS: A Great Handheld Gaming Option Coming In February 2022

I'm interested in the PiBoy CM4x which is expected to release in February but the strange 1:1 screen is a little odd. Experimental Pi also has the PiBoy XRS releasing but with a smaller 3.5" 640x480 screen which is more geared towards most retro gaming platforms. The price on the XRS is $149.95 + the cost of a Pi board which isn't too bad. The XRS is definitely on my radar and high on  the top 10 list upcoming handheld options. Technical specs and images below... Other Upcoming Handhelds:

PowKiddy V2 for $29.99 (Retro Game Handheld)

What exactly is the "PowKiddy V2" that recently surfaced on AliExpress for $29.99? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what it is. For the price and what it looks like,  this is almost guaranteed to be really bad but I simply don't know much about this handheld. From what we can see it has 6 face-buttons, a d-pad, a 3.2" screen and a microSD Slot. I'm semi-surprised at $29.99 this isn't just "built-in" games on the board. It could potentially be a low end option for Arcade gaming and Genesis emulation.  I'm not sure what OS or firmware is on this thing and at the price,  I wouldn't expect very good performance. This retro handheld is ugly and bizarre enough to be a tempting whim purchase though just to add something to the shelf if you are a collector. 

Analogue Pocket: Finally Shipping December 13

People have been talking about the Analogue Pocket for a long time now. The retro inspired (Nintendo Game Boy Aesthetic) handheld had previously missed promised shipping dates but things appear to be on track now and they are set to start shipping on December 13. Out of the box, it will play original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges. Adapters will be available for SEGA Game Gear ($29.99), Neo Geo Pocket ($29.99), TurboGrafx-16 ($29.99), and Atari Lynx ($29.99) as well. The adapters are listed as "Coming Soon"... At the moment only early adopters will be able to get their hands on one. The current price for the handheld is $199.99 which I suspect may increase after the pre-orders are taken care of. At the moment it is not possible to pre- order one. It's a pretty exciting project and hopefully it works out after all the delays. The ability to play old cartridges with a well built handheld reall

PowKiddy A30: Buy or Pass?

I'm filing this handheld under the "Wait and See" category. Recommending to Buy or Pass will heavily depend on whether we get a community developed workaround when it comes to the highly flawed TrimUI firmware. At the moment the best place to purchase this retro handheld is on the official PowKiddy store on AliExpress: The PowKiddy A30 has been available for purchase in the West for about a week now. For under $50 with the classic GBA aesthetic in Micro size, it's still a tempting purchase... PowKiddy A30 The main problem with this retro handheld is that it is basically a TrimUI Model S (PowKiddy A66) in a different shell including the horrible stock TrimUI firmware.  With Stock firmware, I was not a fan of the TrimUI Model S at all. However, with Shaun Inman's 'MinUI' custom launcher,  the handheld was drastically improved.  My Review of the TrimUI Model S: https://www.retrokezi

Anbernic RG-552 To Be Over $300? (Rumor)

I find the rumors that Anbernic plans to price the RG-552 at over $300 to be unlikely in ways but you never know.   Their prices have been steadily creeping up... The Rumored price at DroiX would put the RG-552 between $309 and $336. If this is even close to true,  it gets a very hard pass from me and makes upcoming handhelds like the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus ($99) and Odin look a whole lot nicer... On paper I feel like the RG-552 looks like a $150-$200 device. $300+ is insane. The global supply chain issues CERTAINLY explain price increases a bit but there's no justification for paying over $300 for this. Hopefully this rumor is untrue. Any excitement I had for this handheld will quickly vanish if true. The expected launch of the RG-552 is at the end of this month so we will find out soon. 

PS2 Emulation: AetherSX2 (Free Emulator) Beta Coming Soon on Android

It looks like AetherSX2, a free PS2 (PlayStation 2) emulator for Android, will be moving out of Alpha testing, and into public Beta testing within a couple weeks.  This could be potentially huge news especially with so many capable Android handhelds coming out lately.  Check out the video from Taki: Reportedly this emulator had the best performance of any PS2 emulator on Android and will cost the big price of $0. That sounds a lot better to me than the Damon PS2 Pro app which runs a whopping $9.99 or free (stuffed with ads) and has fairly poor performance.  I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the Beta of this new option in a couple weeks. The PlayStation 2 is notorious for being very difficult to emulate well so this is definitely an interesting development.  github link:

GKD Pro Is Another Handheld Option...

GKD Pro Handheld The GKD Pro is a slightly tempting handheld option coming up from Game Kiddy as a Kickstarter project but with things like the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus coming in at $99.99, dropping $139+ on this new version of the GKD Mini seems a little on the high side. Had this been a year ago, the option would be more appealing. This handheld is expected to ship February 2022.  There is currently 28 days to go on the campaign and prices range from $139 and up. The limited early bird perk at $129 is no longer available. Spec-wise the GKD Pro is definitely not the best $ for $ deal but it does look good and might be an option for collectors. It's also a Kickstarter project so actually receiving one after paying is not guaranteed. The metal shell and very pocketable form factor make it a tempting purchase though... For me,  it's a hard pass simply because this isn&#

Atari XP Cartridges Are Interesting (Classic Gaming)

For the most part my excitement about the Atari VCS dipped down to literally Zero but I find the Atari XP cartridges coming out to be a really cool idea by the company.  Atari XP is publishing unreleased and rare Atari 2600 cartridges in limited runs which make them collectible and also extend the value of having an original Atari 2600 especially if you can't find certain cartridges or are interested in one that was never released.  It's definitely nice to see something like this happen from a collector's perspective although it's pretty expensive at the same time. They plan to make a max of 1500 standard edition ($49.99) copies per game and 1,983 collector's edition ($149.99) copies of each have. The price is definitely a little high but the idea is awesome.  Check the links below for info:

Game & Watch: 'The Legend of Zelda' Out Now!

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda 11/12/2021 Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is now finally available. I saw the local Wal Mart where I live has plenty in stock. At $49.99 its pretty cool as a collectible while still a bit expensive for what you are getting (software and hardware-wise) but Nintendo always banks on their brand awareness and they never price things too low. For me I'm taking a hard pass. In a modern world with retro handheld options that are near infinite combined with the fact I've already purchased the 3 full games included several times each, there's just not much to get excited about here even though it is a slight upgrade over the previous Mario Game & Watch release.  For hard-core Zelda fans it might still be worth it as a collectible. It would look nice on a Shelf.  Official Product Description With a

Steam Deck Delay Could Benefit AYANEO 2021 Pro...

At $1215 (Not Including A Case), the AYANEO Pro 2021 is considerably more expensive than even the top tier Steam Deck but it does have one advantage, and that advantage is that it's currently available. For me, it's too expensive to take a risk on but I have to admit I definitely wouldn't mind having one. At the price I'm still holding out for the Steam Deck which has a top price of $649. The AYANEO Pro 2021 might still be worth a look for people outside the regions where the Steam Deck is being sold and for people who just can't wait. On paper the new and improved AYANEO Pro is certainly impressive and would perform nearly as well as the Steam Deck (should) but it's a hefty investment... Specs Below!  Aya Neo 2021 Pro Technical Specs from DroiX : Aya Neo 2021 Aya Neo 2021 Pro CPU Ryzen 5 4500U Ryzen 7 4800U CORES 6 8 THREADS 6 16 SPEED 2.3Ghz Base, 4.0Ghz Max Boost 1.8GHz Ba

Steam Deck Launch Delayed to February 2022

This Year's "Grinch" Is The Global Supply Chain! I went from the Q1 2022 Club to the Q2 2022 Club with the announced Steam Deck delay by Valve. It looks like the new initial launch will now be at least February 2022. Sadly no one will be getting a Steam Deck for Christmas other than developers... Valve cited material shortages and supply chain issues as the culprit which is not surprising at all. The industry has been dealing with shortages since 2020 and it doesn't look like supply chains are anywhere close to being fixed. Looks like the ultimate handheld is now further away from us... Definitely sad news but it is what it is. 

10 Instagram Pages You Should Follow Today! (Gaming & More)

10 Pages To Follow On Instagram (IG) When it comes to social media, Instagram despite being owned by Facebook is still a more enjoyable place than Facebook and there are tons of interesting pages to follow especially in the retro gaming, modding, and cosplay realms. I find that those 3 categories work well together. There are more "not so great pages" than great ones so hopefully this list of suggestions can cut through that a bit.  The Retro Handheld Modders (4 Suggestions) A good place to start is with @boxypixel (Boxy Pixel) who creates some amazing machined handheld shells and parts. I haven't ordered anything yet myself but a Metal Unhinged Game Boy Advance is on my wishlist. The second stop for classic handheld game console modding should be @jellybellycustoms who os into collecting, modding, refurbishing and repairs with a lot of GBA options.  https://instag