Eneba Is Great For Building Up a Steam Deck Library (Cheap)

I already use places like Humble Bundle and Fanatical but decided to check out Eneba for the first time and was not disappointed. Picked up 8 games and some DLC for a total of $6.35.

In essence Eneba is a marketplace where people sell unused Steam keys and other keys for cheap prices. I was a little skeptical but dropping a little over $6 bucks wasn't too big of a risk and every key I bought worked. 

Over time I'm trying add extra options to my Steam Deck lineup and with this transaction added Enclave, Two Worlds, Two Worlds II, Atari Vault, Topware RPG Collection, Fallout, Disciples III and X-Blades to the library. Not bad at all!  I'm still stuck in the Q1 2022 Steam Deck club so I still have at least 3 months to wait. 

These games were all GLOBAL keys and activated on Steam using a US account. 

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