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KTR-R1 Update (KTR1) (Retro Handheld)

[SEE: . Name and Specs of device have changed. Expected March release] KTR-R1 image posted by Jutleys on Discord ( Rumors still point to "Soon" but it's really hard to know what's going on. Information on this handheld since it was originally runored in 2020 has been sporadic. It's definitely not vaporware but development has been dragging on for quite a while.  Upcoming Handhelds List (+Historical) Updated From A Previous Post: KTR-R1   Estimated Launch: Indiegogo (crowdfunded "Soon" and ships by December 2021??? Price: No word on price yet but it will not be below $200.  What was originally known as the "KTR1" back in 2020 is now known as the KTR-R1 and looks like it is definitely a handheld to keep a close eye on.  The KTR-R1 on paper appears to equally powerful as the Odin and more powerful than the Odin Lite. Interestingly it appears there will be at least 4+ mo

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus: First In-Depth Look by Taki (YouTube)

Screenshot from Taki's RP2 Plus Video (YouTube) If you have any interest in the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus ($99), you definitely need to check out Taki's latest in-depth YouTube video! The stock Firmware looks like a huge improvement this time around and it should be a lot easier to setup than the original RP2 which was on the difficult side for setup. Add in improved buttons, a drastically more powerful processor, Android 9 optimization, and a touchscreen, I really don't see any reason to not buy this handheld at $99.  For $99 ... at least on paper, this is the best thing that has happened in the budget priced handheld realm in a while...  The RP2 Plus can be pre-ordered now for $99 + Shipping! Units are expected to ship out by December.

Updated RG-351V With Dual Thumbsticks? (Rumor)

Anbernic RG-353V ? *update: Anbernic has registered these images as the RG-353 so it's definitely something they are working on.  There have been some rendered photos of an updated RG-351V circulating around over the past few days. This could possibly be the RG-353V. If this becomes a reality it will certainly please the people that complained about the 351V only having one thumb-stick. I'm not sure if I like the rounded corners for a vertical though.  This is just a render of a handheld Anbernic may be plotting for the future. If it is a 353 series, that would likely be some unknown chip beyond the RG-552. I'd be shocked if we hear much about this anytime soon. It would make more sense for them to release a RG-352V.   Photos in this post are from the Retro Handhelds Discord and have been circulating on Facebook groups as well. 

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Available To Order (Pre-Order) Now

The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (2.5) and PCB Upgrade ordering is now live! **This could end up being the best value buy in handheld gaming at $99. My only disappointment at the moment is that it was not stated that this would be a pre-order. I was under the impression like most people that the orders would be ready to go today. It's still a great deal but there was a lack of communication issue when it came to the release... It looks like orders will physically ship out at the end of November or early December.  To keep things simple, I put in an order for an assembled Retroid Pocket 2 Plus for $99 + $12 Shipping. I'll probably also order a PCB Upgrade at some point too. My initial order is in the books so now it's just a waiting game. Giving the current state of shipping system in the US (which is a disaster), I don't expect to have one in my hands until late December.  To upgrade your existing original RP2, the price would be $65 for t

Sonic 30th Anniversary Humble Bundle Deal (Sonic the Hedgehog - Steam)

Sonic 30th Anniversary (Steam) Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Bundle (Humble Bundle) Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Game Bundle is available on for 12 more days. Most Sonic fans likely already have these games but for $10 or more for 13 Sonic downloads, (roughly 77 cents each) you are getting an excellent deal. With the Steam Deck launch coming up soon, this is another way to beef up your Steam library on the cheap. For a $12 or more donation, you get 13 Sonic downloads including:  Team Sonic Racing  Sonic Mania Sonic Mania Encore DLC Sonic Forces Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection Sonic Generations Collection Sonic Lost World Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Mode DLC  Sonic Adventure DX Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing  Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 While this is a fantastic deal,  there are some notable game

Odroid Go Advance Black Friday Sale

Odroid Go Advance Black Friday Sale! HardKernel has temporarily dropped the price on two models of the Odroid Go Advance retro handheld down to $29.50 which is close to a steal on its own...  Unfortunately shipping from South Korea will raise up that price quite a bit depending on where you live. Shipping to where I'm at adds $26 making it a $55.50 buy which is still an "OK"  price for this capable handheld that you assemble yourself. I think i paid $55 + Shipping when I bought one. If I didn't already have one, this current price would be tempting.  I checked to see if the US Distributor ( ) had the same deal going on and they don't. Current price for an OGA there is $69.95 + Shipping.  This post does not contain any affiliate links and I do not benefit if you make a purchase. Odroid Go Advance Black Edition  https://www.har

Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB Upgrade and RP2 Plus Delayed to October 30

I was set to order the RP2 Plus and/or the RP2.5 PCB Upgrade this morning but it appears to be delayed to October 30 (8PM).  This is fairly common in this realm and shouldn't be a big concern.  The original Retroid Pocket 2 is now only $70 which is still a pretty good deal but it would make more sense to just shell out $99 for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (fully assembled) or the DIY PCB Upgrade $65 + $20 for the touch screen if you already have an RP2.  Under the DIY section on, you can also order shells and buttons to customize the look. Guide From Taki (YouTube) on the DIY PCB Upgrade: The higher-end Retroid Pocket 3 is expected to launch in the very near future as well. No word on an exact date... Spotted by Jeltron on Discord:

Metaverse From Facebook May Be Scary (Meta)

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has been talking about developing a Metaverse for a long time and they finally changed the company name from Facebook to Meta. Should we be scared? Probably... In simple terms a Metaverse is a virtual space where all users would use digital avatars to communicate with each other.  Any fan of game franchises like Persona 5 are likely very familiar with the basic idea of what a metaverse could be like. In the case of Persona, it's a digital area formed by collective unconscious where combat takes place. The following link explains it well: When it comes to the metaverse in games like Persona 5, it sounds like a pretty wild fictional idea but Mark Zuckerberg plans to make a Metaverse become reality.

Samsung Should Make A Gaming Phone (Random Thoughts)

Random Thoughts I remember seeing these cool mock-up designs of what a new PlayStation phone might look like from Anesthétique Projets via Yanko Design about 6 months ago.   I find it unlikely Sony will even attempt to jump back into the portable handheld market but what if Samsung did?  My loose thoughts of the day is you take the above design, move the camera a bit but extend the width a little and  use the Samsung Flip technology to make it fold in half. Designed right you could probably fit some flat sticks that aren't quite as flat here and keep the whole thing very portable when it flips in half.  Definitely just some very loose and unrealistic ideas here but gamers do deserve the perfect gaming phone at some point. The tech exists to make it happen! I find it unlikely for Sony to make it happen, Apple definitely wouldn't make it happen but Samsung takes risks so if anyone can make it happen,  it's them.  htt

Who Still Spins Vinyl? (Retro Music)

When it comes to retro its not always about games with me. I'm still into retro things like vinyl records. Being from Gen X, I grew up with a combo of vinyl, tapes and CDs. Felt like a good evening to spin some Midnight Marauders from ATCQ.  While not cheap and will be hard to find after a while,  there are tons of vinyl albums being pressed today from the game world including a Final Fantasy set (music from all the games) from Square Enix. While not cheap these are almost guaranteed to gain value... possibly a better investment than stocks!

Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) Running Well on Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB Upgrade

Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) on Retroid Pocket 2.5 Conker's Bad Fur Day ran poorly on the Retroid Pocket 2. Some N64 games actually ran well on the RP2 too but many struggled. *Keep in mind emulation on its own is perfectly legal. Downloading, distributing or buying/selling ROMs is not. Posts like this one are for informational and research purposes.  Another interesting test video from Taki with the Retroid Pocket 2.5 (Retroid Pocket 2 Plus) PCB Upgrade which will be available to purchase on Friday at GoRetroid . We should also be seeing the Retroid Pocket 3 dropping in the near future! Considering the less than stellar N64 Emulation Performance on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo should really consider hiring the Android based developers who seem to squeeze more out games. Nintendo has been missing out on the big potential cash-in for N64 games for a while now. We'll see how the future goes and if Nintendo will patch their service and get things going. Most people would gladly

RetroArch: NeoCD Cores Added on Steam

NeoCD on Steam So much going on lately, this bit of info slipped past me yesterday but it looks like libetro has added NeoCD Cores to RetroArch on Steam. This could be great news for future Steam Deck owners.  NeoCD is a Neo Geo CD emulator originally coded by Fabrice Martinez including full audio playback  and Joystick support.  Hopefully with some controller profiles this will be easy on Steam Deck.  The Neo Geo CD is a console I did play back in the day but sadly didn't own one personally. Games ran $49 to $79 which was drastically cheaper than Neo Geo cartridges. 3 different models came out and SNK sold more than 570,000 units worldwide. Long loading times and failure to jump into 3D gaming somewhat doomed the system. While the console had some limited success,  ultimately it went down as a commercial failure. 

Atari VCS: Not Really Interested

Atari VCS Has an Identity Crisis!!! The Atari VCS despite just being launched recently is headed in the direction of rapidly being irrelevant which is often the case with botched crowdfunded projects... None of this is surprising considering impending failure was sniffed out when it came to this console more than a year ago.  The Atari VCS looks stylish and appears to be a versatile system in ways but I'm still riding the fence with this one. Between Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve (with the upcoming Steam Deck), PC, Mac, Classic Consoles, the tons of Atari game collections we already own, Android and Retro Handhelds (Linux & Android), I'm pretty much covered with gaming options. By "on the fence", I'm definitely leaning towards the no way side.  While I would like to get my hands on one,  I can't remotely justify the price.  The Atari VCS doesn't seem to be getting much buzz on the internet despite finally bein

N64 Emulation Not Great on Nintendo Switch According to Many

I haven't taken the dive into the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service yet myself. A handful of N64 and Genesis games on an annually  repeating $30 and up premium subscription with no major improvements to the overall Switch Online experience seems like highway robbery to me. One day down and there seems to be widespread chatter on the. Net about how the N64 emulation is on the shabby side which makes this even more disappointing. For the price, Nintendo really needed to hit the emulation quality out of the park.  The service just went live yesterday so there's time to see if they patch things and improve quality... In addition to those issues, it sounds like button layouts, framerate drops, input lag and more are big issues with the expensive service. What Others Are Saying:

Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB + RP2 Plus Available October 29! (Updated)

UPDATE (October 29): Appears the launch was not ready and has been delayed to October 30. UPDATE(October 27) : It looks like the fully assembled Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (2.5) will also launch on October 29 for $99. Honestly the fully assembled version is a much better deal than the PCB Upgrade especially when it comes with a touch screen!  It looks like the Retroid Pocket 2.5 (DIY) PCB Upgrade will be available for $65 + Shipping on October 29. This is certainly a cheaper way to upgrade your Retroid Pocket 2 to a 5x faster device that can handle up to GameCube emulation than the alternative of buying a new device of equal performance for $200+. No word on when fully assembled RP2s will be sold but the DIY PCB Upgrade will be available in 3 short days.  Under the DIY section, there is already the option to buy replacement shells and buttons of various colo

Retroid Pocket 2.5 Launching Very Soon (Probably)

Update: Update: I didn't realize "very soon" meant a few days but that appears to be the case. Retroid Pocket 2.5 All signs are indicating that the Retroid Pocket 2.5 (DIY PCB Upgrade) will be up for sale very soon. If I had to guess, I'd still assume November but it could be anytime. I reached out to GoRetroid and was told that the exact time/date of release was not certain yet but would be in the very near future.  Russ at   noticed that a DIY section on their site recently appeared which is a sign they are nearing the launch. YouTube Video From Taki: What's interesting is that it looks like they'll be offering 3 replacement RP2 shell color

Abandonware: Frank Herbert's Dune (Windows 2001) Download Link

Frank Herbert's Dune (Windows) Genre: Single-player 3D Action w/ Puzzle Elements Publisher: Cryo Interactive Entertainment (Defunct) There are quite a few old Dune games circulating around the abandonware realm including a Dune 2 Android port from the early days of Android. While searching for interesting Dune games,  I came across Frank Herbert's Dune, a Windows 2001 game.   *Before downloading or using Abandonware, do your own legal research. Laws are grey area when it comes to this.  The 391MB .Zip file can be downloaded at the link below: The game based on the mini-series was originally released on Windows and the PlayStation 2 in Europe at the end of 2001 and was considered a commercial and critical flop. Shortly afterwards in 2002, Cryo Interactive filed for bankruptcy and no longer exists today. It appears Microids and own the rights to several Cr

What Video Games I'm Playing This Week

Video Game Backlog Infinity At this point I have a backlog of games that I'll never finish but might as well still try.  This week I plan to punch away at the following 2 games and hopefully post up a review or two by the weekend: Diablo II: Resurrected on the Nintendo Switch Diablo II: Resurrected  This isn't my first time playing Diablo II but it is the first time playing this updated version. I've been too sidetracked most of October to get far into the game but hopefully I can get some big hours in this week. Currently I'm about 11 hours of gameplay in.  Koudelka (PlayStation aka PSOne) Koudelka - PSOne For whatever reason I somehow missed this game back in the day but glad I went back to play it. It's an interesting mix of RPG, Survival Horror and Exploring with grid based combat and great cut scenes.