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Diablo II: Resurrected (Nintendo Switch) Quick Early Impressions (Review Coming...)

I bought Diablo II (2): Resurrected for the Nintendo Switch a few days ago and can say I'm mostly satisfied with the buy at $39.99 so far.  The game became available on September 23.  Despite being a 21 year old game, Diablo 2 is still fun but definitely feels dated and hasn't aged great especially if you've recently played Diablo III.  The updated graphics definitely make the game playable even with the dated mechanics. I plan to take a deep dive into the game over the next month to come up with a definitive review.  The Good  👍Updated Graphics  👍Updated Sound/Music 👍Includes 'Lord of Destruction' Expansion 👍Plays well as a Portable Game The Bad   👎Co-op isn't ideal on Switch platform 👎Widespread Connectivity Issues 👎Dated mechanics Note on Connectivity Issues A glaring issue for me so far seems to be connectivity issues that come up often when trying to play online. Hopefully these issues get worked out in the near future as it appears to be

Kickstarter: Retro Dreamer G4A CM4 by My Retro Game Case LIVE

It looks like the Kickstarter for the Retro Dreamer (GBA Shell Aesthetic with 4 face buttons) handheld is now live and units should ship out by the end of the year. The project quickly reached double the funding goal on the first day and "rewards" slots are quickly filling up. If you want one you'll have to make a decision on this quickly. Pledges range from $2 to just support the project to $200 (which includes 2x DIY kits). A fully assembled ready to play out of the box runs about $167.   I currently have a G32 ESP32 handheld by MRGS that I enjoy playing although the firmware options on that device are a little frustrating but for the price i was definitely satisfied with the buy. I think a big reason to support the Kickstarter project for the G4A CM4 is that Eddie is an active member of the community who always responds to questions and supports the spirit of DIY proj

Steam Deck Can Dual Boot!

Probably my biggest hope for the Steam Deck the moment it was announced was that you could use the microSD Slot to turn it into a dual boot system.  It looks like someone has had success with this. Personally I don't have much interest in booting Windows off an SD card but this is great news for retro handheld enthusiasts who want to boot Batocera. This is a definite game changer for people hoping to use the Steam Deck as a powerful retro handheld console without Windows.  Tweet discovered by @RetroGameCorps

Some Contra Returns Screenshots (Android)

I wanted to really like the recently released Contra Returns on Android but just couldn't get into it. It's not very challenging and the long load time every time you start the game takes you out of the moment.  The game does have a lot of content and customization and doesn't really require purchasing anything although purchases heavily promoted throughout the game. For me the biggest problem was that touch screen controls just don't work great with this type of game. I may revisit the game in the future and see if it's been cleaned up or improved though. 

Analogue Pocket Still "Delayed"

As everyone knows the launch of the Analogue Pocket has had yet another major delay (3rd major delay by my count). According to the company, pre-orders will now be shipped out "at the latest" by December, 2021. Sounds familiar considering it was supposed to ship out at the latest by December, 2020 too.  All the blame can't go on Analogue because parts shortages and issues caused by the pandemic have created widespread issues in the industry.  I think they will make good on this device but they should probably stop making announcements until they are absolutely sure things are ready to go. I'm sure they are hoping excitement for the device doesn't lose momentum though. It was pretty big news back in 2020 but there's not as much buzz surrounding it at this point...

SteamOS 3.0 Already Leaked (Rumor)

It didn't take more than 24 hours for developers to supposedly leak the new SteamOS out into the wild. I don't think Valve has much to worry about though. Devices like the Aya Neo, OneXPlayer, GPD Win, etc. are all drastically more expensive than the Steam Deck.  There's not a lot of information on whether or not SteamOS 3.0 works well on other handhelds but we should start seeing a lot of information on this soon...

Upcoming: PowKiddy A20 (Retro Handheld)

I'm not sure if we should get too excited about the PowKiddy A20 until they are out in the wild in numbers but the Analogue Pocket look-alike does look good on paper and performance-wise could be a notch above RK3326 devices.  The main reason I'm not particularly excited yet is the lack of quality control with most PowKiddy devices. If this one has the typical cheap buttons and PowKiddy rattle, it would need to be pretty cheap to be worth it.  The A20 is supposed to go into mass production at some point this month so we'll see them on the market pretty soon.  If the Specs remain the same as the test units floating around, this handheld running Android 9 should handle PSP, Dreamcast and N64 emulation better than RK3326 devices.  Anticipated Specs   -Amlogic S905D3 SoC -4 Core Cotex A55 CPU (1.9 GHz) -Mali G31MP2 GPU -2GB RAM  -8GB Internal Storage  -microSD Slot -3.5" IPS Display (640x480) -3.5mm Headphone Jack  -WiFi -Bluetooth  -USB-C Charging 

Telltale Humble Bundle Not A Bad Deal...

There's currently 11 days left on the Telltale Humble Bundle. I was on the fence with this one since I've already played all of these games but it has been a long time and I do need to beef up my Steam game collection with the Steam Deck launch quickly approaching.  If you have somehow not played these games, this is an absolute must buy. Out of all these,  my favorite was probably a tie between The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season 1. Description:  You’ve no doubt heard of Telltale games; The Walking Dead, Batman, The Wolf Among Us? We’re sure at least one of those is ringing a bell. Well, we’ve got good news. Our new bundle, aptly titled Humble Telltale Games Bundle, includes all of them, the complete series!. That means when you pick up this bundle, you’ll enjoy the entire story of  The Walking Dead ,  The Wolf Among Us , and  Telltale's Batman ! And while you’re living those stories, your purchase h

RG351MP Price

It looks like Anbernic will be selling the RG351MP (Metal Pro) for around $149.99 and will either have WiFi or include a WiFi dongle (depending on the rumor).  Makes me wonder if they had the same problem they had with the 351P. For the most part if you don't have an RK3326 device this might still be an "ok" price (for the screen) but I'm definitely passing.  It also looks like Anbernic has been cleaning up their website a little bit. Looks good.

Miyoo P60: Potential Good Option? (Retro Handheld)

*Image from Retro Game Handhelds Discord... There's a little buzz around the upcoming Miyoo P60 but I'm remaining cautious about any excitement.  Miyoo is the same company who manufactured the RK2020, BittBoy/PocketGo and PocketGo S30 none of which I was a big fan of. The S30 while not great out of the box became "ok" using the custom "Simple30" workaround from the community.  It appears the P60 is jumping into Android territory and should is considerably more powerful than their previous handhelds. At this point in retro handhelds it looks like a mid-grade tier handheld so should have a competitive price and be a main competitor for the Retroid Pocket 3.  On paper this handheld does look like a good upgrade over RK3326 devices performance wise and should be able to handle N64 and PSP emulation along with pretty good GameCube results. Quality has been an issue with their devices in the past so whether this becomes a good option will come down to

PowKiddy Q20 Mini Review

It took about 3 weeks to receive the PowKiddy Q20 Mini from the official PowKiddy store but now have had a lot of extensive hands on time with it. I opted for the Orange model which I think looks a little better.  Overall 6.5/10 "BELOW Average" If you are looking for something very casual this might be an "ok" option but you'd better off buying something like the PowKiddy V90 or waiting for this one to drop a little in price. This handheld is not ergonomic at all for extended gaming sessions but not bad in short bursts. It's a decent option for 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. Out of the box I'd certainly recommend it for NeoGeo/Arcade gaming (horizontal games), SEGA Genesis, SMS, and PC Engine emulation. Anything else requires Custom Firmware (CFW) for a decent experience.  The Good   👍The same CFW options that work with the V90/Q90/PocketGo works with this one.  👍The screen is bright with good color