Updated Developments With The KT R1 Handheld.

As promised by the developer of the KT R1 he has posted some notes on where things are headed with the highly anticipated handheld. Sounds like it is a ways off from physical release but progress is occurring. I'm definitely keeping an eye on further developments. I'm not the biggest fan of the 3:2 ratio and the resolution may cause some emulators issues jumping up that high but we'll see what happens. This is still a pretty exciting project to keep an eye on.

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New update from Niluanxy: 

Seeing the title, there must be a bunch of people going to spray again. It's been half a year since I drew the pie, and the 199 next door has all prototypes. The result is still a pie. I dare to call it the strongest handheld. Then I will talk about what I have been doing in the next half of the year, why there has been no movement, whether the machine is drawing a pie, and whether it can be released.

Let’s start from the beginning. The post I posted on the Post Bar in October and November last year. At first, the machine used S922X. Why S922X was used? Because that was the strongest processor I could find at that stage. As everyone knows The solution provider I found two months later did not even light up the screen. Then they pulled a refund with them. During this period of time, I also found someone to light up the 4-inch 800*600 screen first, and found that the screen was also defective and the viewing angle was poor. It was actually the end of January by this time, and the first phase was declared a complete failure. 

The failure of the first stage made me stop and think a lot at the same time. I'm a more axis person, and I have to give up if I can't do anything, so I got on the bar with him. In the end, I gave it up because I was a handheld. In addition to making money, the motivation for the other half was to fulfill my childhood dream. Yes, I don't define myself as a noble person. I am a businessman with a bit of sentimentality. I am a machine of my dreams and earn some money at the same time, nothing more.

Because of the failure of the first stage, I needed to find a solution provider again, so at this time, I also simply replaced the previous solution, because although the first stage failed, I still got a lot of information. So at the beginning of the second stage, I learned the experience of the first stage, and at the same time I found six solutions to discuss, and then there are as many as three product selections, namely T618, MTK G90T, and the current Qualcomm solution. But in view of the failure of the last time and the disadvantage that I exposed all the information from the beginning, this time I only claimed that the plan was changed to the T618 processor. In fact, I am pushing three plans at the same time, and six plan vendors are negotiating. Of course, the bad thing about doing this is that it took a lot of time, and of course it also cost a lot of extra money, but it was worth it to me, at least there will be no problems in the first stage.

So I didn't update anything after February. It was not that I gave up, but that I was one step closer. At the same time, because of the failure of the first stage, I had a gambler mentality, and I had to prove myself, so the new plan directly increased the configuration and budget, and went up to the G90T and Qualcomm plan. In the end, the cost of the single solution has increased several times compared with the previous one, and the cost has also increased sharply. Of course, the performance has also been improved a lot, and a lot of additional functions have been added, because I am more and more working on the machine that I am satisfied with instead of The direction of the product has worked hard. Part of the reason is because of the impact of the 199 handheld, more because I have prepared for the worst. Now that the market for high-end nostalgic phones is uncertain and the risk of failure is high, then make a machine that you are satisfied with. In this way, finally Failed, I still have a handheld computer in my mind, and I have paid for one of my dreams, which is worth it.

After so much wordy, let’s talk about some of the final results. After several months of communication, six solution providers have been screened, and finally the one I think is the most reliable company is selected, and the new screen is now lit up. , The quality of all aspects of the screen is very good. At the same time, the 3:2 4.5 high-resolution screen is indeed a good experience, the screen is larger, the resolution is higher, and the appearance of the whole machine will not change too much. Especially for 4:3 compatibility is beyond my expectation. In actual testing, the full screen stretched, it is almost impossible to see if there has been stretching. I will show the same game in 3:2 and 4: respectively next month: 3 The video running in full screen, you can judge by yourself. Then the final configuration of KTR1 is as follows, I can also release it with peace of mind, no more smoke bombs, because the current development process of the motherboard is smooth and there is no possibility of change.

KT R1 high-end nostalgic handheld
Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
Memory: 4G/6G/8G (LPDDR4)
Storage: 64G/128G/256G (UFS2.1)
Expansion: support 512G high-speed read and write
Wireless: dual-band wifi5+Bluetooth 5.0
System: 64-bit Android customized system
Screen: Fully fit the 4.5-inch 1080*1620 3:2 touch screen
Battery: 5000-6000 mAh, standard 9V3A fast
Handle: full-function handle, press L3R3
Vibration: Double vibration motor
Amplifier: high-quality dual speakers, independent channel
Recording: Noise reduction microphone array
Video: TYPEC video output
Heat dissipation: active or passive heat dissipation to be tested

The specific model of the processor will remain confidential for the time being, and the exposure time will be selected based on your feedback. I will update the rendering of the final product on June 15 and plan to show the motherboard at the end of June. If it goes well, there may be engineering machines on display. The performance of the processor is better than that of the T618, but it is impossible to tell some people who don’t know what to use, 865 and 888 are not available, but impossible. The standard configuration does not exceed the price of 1500, and it can be done. What level of performance, please think for yourself. For comparison, the price of iQOO Z3 and Snapdragon 768G is 1699. The price and performance of KTR1, from my point of view, regardless of my additional gaming experience and services, pure machines, will surely surprise you.

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