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ArkOS Will No Longer Support Anbernic RG351 Devices (UPDATE: ArkOS Developer Retracted Original Plan & Decided to Support It)

Sad news but ArkOS will no longer be supporting Anbernic's 351 devices (351P/351M/351V).  This could be a big blow to Anbernic and the newly released RG351V leaving the firmware options between the stock firmware, one ArkOS release, 351ELEC, Batocera or TheRA. As things stand at the moment I feel like the custom firmware Retro Arcade is the most promising for the 351V. It is nice that ArkOS will go ahead and still release one firmware for the 351V though. 

My personal opinion is that ArkOS is the top firmware option for the 351P/M as it is significantly better (while still flawed) with DS, PSP Dreamcast and N64 emulation than the other options. 

Official Statement 

Please be aware that by the end of this month, I will no longer be further developing or providing updates to ArkOS for the 351P/M. While on the surface, the unit has some nice features, the internal design choices made by Anbernic (mostly with their decision to use an internal USB game controller) for this SOC have proved to be problematic for ongoing support than I care to continue to try to resolve or continue to workaround in ArkOS for this device. I will continue to develop and update ArkOS for the OGA 1.0, OGA 1.1(BE), RGB10, and the RK2020. I will deliver ArkOS for the 351V as it’s mostly done, however, it will just be one version that I do not plan to develop or update further once testing is complete and a final image is made available. I will create a final image for the 351 P/M by the the end of the month as well that will include all online updates that were made available up to that point.

While I feel ArkOS for the 351P/M in it’s current form will suffice for the devices capability for sometime, if you’d like to see further development for this unit, checkout 351Elec, Batocera, or TheRA.

Thanks to the community for the support of making ArkOS what it is today.


  1. Any information on if a full rg351mp version will happen?

  2. The last update to the test version I saw was about 4 weeks ago. I know a final version is being worked on for the MP but not sure when we should expect it.


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