Anbernic RG351V Going On Sale Monday

Despite confirmation from multiple sources, the launch of the RG351V on Monday should be filed as a rumor because we've been through this before with the hyped up countdown launch last week that never happened. 

I guess we'll see what happens. It's certainly a needed console as an upgrade to the outdated RG300 vertical. The last time the launch was supposed to occur, the price started at $108.99 so I assume the price will still be the same. The specs look good on it too. A return to a proper 4:3 screen and dual micro SD slots with a vertical housing are the highlights. It's another RK3326 chip system which is starting to get a little played out at this point though. Keep an eye on on Monday for the release! 

3.5" IPS (640x480)
Quad Core 1.3GHZ CPU RK3326 
Mali G31 MP2 GPU
3900MAH Battery

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