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Android Arcade Pad on BangGood

*Updated (Found What It Is): I have no clue what this device is but it just started popping up on places like BangGood. At the price and the look of it I'm assuming it's complete junk but I'm still curious about this little handheld "tablet"?  Seems to be unbranded which is never a good sign.... [US$56.99]Arcade Pad 168 Games 7 inch 16 bit Handheld Game Console Android Tablet Handheld Retro Game Players Video Mini Games Console Video Games Equipment & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on banggood

PocketGo S30 Support Increasing..

I was NOT a fan of the PocketGo S30 out of the box but community and developer support is starting to pick up speed quite a bit. Between this and the work Retro Game Corps is doing with the S30 I'll likely have re-evaluate my thoughts on the system some time in February. Hit the link below for some information on updates in the works...

Quick Look Inside the PocketGo S30

I'm not a big fan of the PocketGo S30 but I am a fan of how it looks. Very easy to disassemble too. I'm thinking about replacing the tinny speaker at some point on it.  

Meme of the Day: GameStop Trade Ins

Get your trades together for sure. 1600 games will get you that PS5. 

Retroid Pocket 2 Still The Best

To date the Retroid Pocket 2 is still the best sub $100 retro handheld at $80.  I'm still using a wide range of gaming options personally but the RP2 gets used more than anything else.  I'm curious how long it will be before the Retroid Pocket 3 comes out. With how rapid things are developing in this arena it could definitely happen this year. Photo by Me (Samsung Note 10 Plus Camera) 

EU Investigating Nintendo for Joy-Con Drift

Definitely a long overdue investigation but who knows if it will result in anything. Joy-con drift has plagued the Nintendo Switch from the time the console launched until now. For the most part fixing it has been at the cost of the consumer. Pretty interesting read at the link below at EuroGamer discussing the upcoming investigation by the (BEUC) European Consumer Organization. Nintendo has a very long history of shady business practices so maybe something will come of this....

RG351V Video Has Surfaced

Hit the link below for the first video of the RG351V. People seem to have mixed opinions about the wood grain look but I like it. I'm sure the final consumer version when it hits the market will look different.

Plex Arcade Subscription For The Retro Craze

I don't personally see any use for the new Plex Arcade subscription but it is pretty cool to see the retro gaming craze boom. It will certainly expose more people to the classics. More and more game subscription services (for retro and modern gaming) will certainly take a big toll on brick and mortar companies like GameStop who I suspect will not even exist in a few years.  Interesting read at the link below.

Retroid Pocket 2 Funtastic Collection SOLD OUT!

Looks like the highly popular Retroid Pocket 2 Funtastic Collection has sold out on the manufacturer's site. The original colors are still available. I'll be curious if they plan to make more runs of the Funtastic models or will it be on to the Retroid Pocket 3 soon? 

Anbernic RG351V In Production?

I've only heard rumors that the RG351V (Vertical) was in the works via vague rumors but nothing solid.  Russ from Retro Game Corps  just posted some images on Facebook he discovered. It looks great with the 4:3 aspect ratio. Definitely an improvement on the 351P/M for retro gaming. Hopefully it comes WiFi ready with other improvements.  I assume Anbernic will be making announcements soon.  *Updated Info:  Specs: (From RGC) RK3326CPU 640x480IPS fully fits 3.5-inch 4:3 screen Dual RL12, dual OTG interface Dual TF card (internal card storage system, external card storage game) Built-in WIFI 3900~4000mAh polymer lithium battery

Find: Toony Terrors Ash (Evil Dead) Figure

I haven't made up my mind about Toony Terrors figures yet but I'm a big fan of the Ash figure I received as a gift. One thing is for certain and that is we are in an awesome time for retro collectibles and figures.  This one does have a "toony" look and highly detailed for something selling for around $10 at places like Wal Mart.  I was only 4 years old when The Evil Dead came out but years later probably in the early 90s it quickly became one of my favorite all time films.  Check out the NECA site for an assortment of interesting figures. I'm thinking about ordering a few others myself. 

My Top Buy of the Week: Switch Style Thumb Grips on BangGood

Thumb grips are often the most overpriced item you will find in game stores like GameStop where they are often $10 and up just for one pair. I rolled the dice on BangGood picking up 4 pairs for a little less than $8 including shipping and want disappointed. Shipping time was the only negative. It took a little over 6 weeks to receive. The large grip is a bit overkill visually but I actually like it for arcade games.  I'm currently using them on my Nintendo Switch, Anbernic RG351P and two sets on my pair of Retroid Pocket 2 consoles. The big grips reduce the portability a little bit bit still fit inside the cases just fine.  [US$4.59 33% OFF]DATA FROG 8 PCS Silicone Analog Extender Thumb Stick Grips Cover for Nintendo Switch Joy Con Switch Lite Console Joystick Cap Accessories Video Games Equipment & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on banggood *This post is my opinion and does

Retroid Pocket 2 Android 8.1 v2 Install Guide Up (YouTube)

Hit the link below for the new guide (YouTube). Supposedly according to rumors on Reddit there is a custom OS in the works for the RP2. The Retroid Pocket 2 gets better all the time and is currently the best $80 expense in retro gaming.

Top 10 Dollar for Dollar Sub $100 Handheld Game Consoles TODAY

Things change rapidly in the retro handheld console world so this list will only be applicable for a short time. Community support and available modifications to firmwares, software etc also continually change how good or bad certain systems are. I generally go by the import prices not by the reseller prices. Resellers are often just charging to add ROMs which is highly unethical not to mention illegal.  This post is my personal opinion and links do not benefit me.  Retroid Pocket 2 $80  You simply cannot beat the value of the RP2 for $80 as long as you don't mind Android and don't mind having to tinker with the system a lot to get it all set up. This is a system for tech savvy people not beginners to emulation.  Retroid Pocket 2 Review   Anbernic RG351P $95 I'm not a big fan of the screen size with this one but community support has been making this a better option all the time. Great choice for emulation gamers of all levels. No built in WiFi is th

Anbernic RG351V in Pre Production?

 Starting to sound like it the rumors of a new RG351 Vertical have started appearing. Sounds like it might be like the RG300 in shape and size with a 3.5 inch 640x480 screen, and dual SD slots. There’s no confirmed information on this so this can be filed as an unconfirmed rumor for the moment.

PocketGo S30 First Look Review (Retro Handheld Game Console)

Score Stock Out of the Box - 3/10 Using RGC Setup - 5/10 This was a tough console to review. If there becomes a way to flash a drastically better Firmware in the future, it could be drastically improved. I plan to keep messing around with it in the future. There is potential here if something could be done with the OS and front end.  Screen: 3.5 inch 480x320 IPS CPU: Quad Core 1.2GHZ All Winner A33 CPU GPU: Mali400 MP2 RAM: 512MB Storage: External MicroSD Battery: 2600 The PocketGo S30 is 8BitDo/SNES aesthetic knockoff consoles out of China. I feel like at first glance the shell of the system is a lot higher quality of a build than the PocketGo and PocketGo v2 are but you are also paying more. Of all the systems I felt running Gameboy Advance looked and felt the best. Just between the awful speaker, light leak issues out of the box, a terrible front-end, I just can't highly suggest it. It sounds a lot better using headphones though.  Straight out of the box,

Upcoming $199 Handheld That Can Emulate PS2? (Rumor)

You never know about rumors but this one is from a good source.  Rumors swirling on #Facebook about a new handheld. If the source (Taki) is correct and he seems to always be from what I've seen. A new $199 #retro #handheld is on the horizon. Can handle #PS2Emulation. #Vita style d-pad, #snapdragon855, #IGG campaign soon. We'll have see..

December Blog Stats on RetroKezins

Started up this blog on December 7, 2020 and not a bad start so far. Only having 3 weeks in December the blog had a total of 1,835 views.  Around 660+ views on this post: I look forward to making improvements to the site in 2021 and enjoying my time playing retro video games as much as I did in 2020. 

Top 10 Retro Handhelds From 2020

My Definitive Top 10 Retro Handhelds List  Now that the dust has settled from 2020 and I've had time to think,  here are my personal picks for the best handhelds of 2020: #1   Retroid Pocket 2 #2   RG350P #3   RG350M #4   RG351P #5   PiBoy DMG #6   RGB20 #7   RG350 #8   RG280V #9   RK2020 #10 Odroid Go Advance  While the Retroid Pocket 2 turned into my favorite after putting a LOT of work into it, the company of the year was definitely Anbernic who had 5 of my 10 favorite handhelds of the year. If you aren't looking to put a ton of work into things, the RG350P (or M) or 351P (despite the funky screen size) would be better options.  This list is not necessarily the best for everyone. These were my personal favorites in order.  You can order a Retroid Pocket 2 here: *I have no affiliation with this link.   

1991 Flashback: Gain Ground (Genesis) Released

Gain Ground an epic action/strategy game was released for the SEGA Genesis on January 2,1991 and released in Japan the following day. This was another classic game that proved Sega does what Nintendon't during that time in gaming.  I didn't buy games in bulk back in those days so had to be selective but this was one of games I had in 1991. Most people don't dare mix strategy with an arcade style because it simply doesn't make  sense but this was an occasion it worked out pretty well.   They did cut the home version down to just 2 players but it was still almost as good as the ar are version.  If you are looking for some fast paced strategy gaming, definitely check it out. The graphics definitely weren't that great. Its not a pretty game but its a lot of fun.