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Anbernic RG351M Is Up For Sale Now $139.99

The RG351M finally came up for sale on more than one site for $139.99. Not far from my guess of $145 but I think its too high. I'd like to pay $120.

Dr. Mario (Gameboy) Turns 30 in the US

Dr. Mario (Gameboy) was released 30 years ago on December 31, 1990. That definitely makes me feel old. I remember buying this at the K-Mart in Blacksburg, Virginia when I was 13. Sadly a K-Mart that hasn't existed in a long time. Unlike a lot of puzzle games at the time, Dr. Mario had an easier learning curve and great background music.  Dr. Mario was a simple on the surface real-time action puzzler (puzzle) game. It was basically a falling block matching game in the spirit of Tetris which really was the game that started the portable puzzle game craze.  While it's generally a pretty safe family friendly game today, the game was quite controversial when it came out. The US was still heavily winding up the war on drugs propaganda and anything remotely connected to drugs was often attacked by special interest groups.

1994 Flashback: Tetris & Dr. Mario Released #SNES

26 years ago on December 30, 1994, the North American SNES version of #Tetris & Dr. Mario hit shelves. Seems like only yesterday.  Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo on the SNES, the puzzle compilation saw success selling 6 million + copies and receiving mostly favorable reviews.  I have fond memories of this game particularly the Multiplayer options. Definitely one of the top 25 greatest SNES cartridges. 

RG351M Price: $145? (Anbernic)

 Looking like the RG351M will be shipping out mid January. The price appearing in the Japanese market appears to be the equivalent of $145.

Pi Inside a SNES Controller

Lots of talk about the PocketGo S30 Retro game console lately but how about a Pi with screen  inside an actual SNES controller? Check out the link below. I'm still waiting on my S30 to arrive and came across this awesome idea on YouTube.

Intellivision Amico $250-$300

The new Intellivision Amico looks cool but is it worth $250-$300?  I don't think so. I have a feeling this will crash and burn especially when the new Microsoft and Sony consoles start heating up.  The Amico was supposed to come out in 2020 originally but already faced manufacturing delays due to Covid.  I love Retro Gaming obviously but they may be trying to blend retro and modern in a way that just doesn't work with this. Worth keeping an eye on but I haven't seen any reason to get excited about this other than the console looking pretty cool.

Still Waiting on the PocketGo S30

Still patiently waiting on the PocketGo S30 I ordered to arrive.... hoping to get it by next week at the latest. USPS has been very unreliable lately.  A few reviews on the system have started popping up and they arent overly positive.  From what I'm seeing the disappointing issues may be with build quality and poor viewing angles with the screen. I'm still keeping a mostly open mind about it since it only cost $60 (the price of a new game these days) and the form factor is great looking.

the Anbernic RG351M Has Arrived (YouTube) Can't wait to see one in person. The RG351M definitely looks good as expected. 

RetroArch Officially on OpenDingux Devices

Pretty interesting news here. Check out the guide below on putting RetroArxg on the RG350 or RG280. With official support of this app, it definitely adds a little value to the 350 and 280 line from Abernic.

More Info on the KT R1 Console

I'm definitely keeping an eye on the KT R1. It looks somewhat like a knockoff of the Retroid Pocket 2 but drastically more powerful. I assumed the R1 was just vaporware but it sounds like it might be legitimately in production soon.  Obscure Handhelds posted some updated info on it. Link below. I'm not sure how interested I'll be at $200 if that's the price but I'm interested enough to keep a close eye on developments.  Link below:

Odroid Super Go Available Soon

$80 I've seen a little talk on Facebook about the Odroid Go Super that was just announced. Sub $100 price but Odroid is known for quality issues. I'm not a big fan of the screen size for retro gaming too but it's worth keeping an eye on this thing. It will be available for sale January 2021. Its always tough judging quality from photos but it doesn't look too sturdy to me (buttons and d-pad don't look that great) but it might be a pleasant surprise.  What's weird about Odroid is that they release stuff that gets knocked off and copied but whoever knocks off their designs does it better. Lol. Maybe they are due for a big win though.  I don't think I'll be buying one but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one just to check it out. What others are saying: Retro Dodo's Take On It

RG351M First Photos

Leaked by Taki on Reddit  Can’t wait to see how well sales do with the RG351M.  Abernic has really been putting out good stuff lately.  

Instagram Finds: Glowing GBC Gameboy Color by @jellybellycustoms

I have admired the incredible custom Gameboy Color mods by @jellybellycustoms on Instagram for a while now. I’ll definitely be ordering something in 2021. This glowing GBC Light is sick in a good way. Screen capture from IG.

Video: 8-Bit Demake of Doom titled 'Poom'

A Pico-8 powered demake of Doom called Poom.  Demakes are rarely this interesting. I'm going to have to check out this 8-bit demake (not remake) of the classic Doom.  Hit the link below for the video. You will not be disappointed!

My Old Blog 12 Years Ago: Cosplay Cleavage Post

Found a funny (yet sad) article about my old gaming blog which no longer exists but was fairly popular back in 2007/2008. The particular infamous post about "Cosplay Cleavage" wasn't the only reason the site went under but it was one of them and we all ended up moving on to other things.  This blog was started up right after I had left the 1Up Network where I worked as a news editor and marketing assistant for Gaming Today (FileFront) which was part of the 1Up Network and Ziff Davis Media. We had a lot of success with the site but also a lot of hurdles hard to overcome.  The biggest lesson I learned was to never host a blog through GoDaddy even with a dedicated server and premium hosting options. After this huge article broke some of their servers, my site and URL was held hostage by them and rendered unusable for a considerable amount of time.  In addition to causing a battle with GoDaddy which i u

Deals: RG280V on BangGood

Prices on the Abernic RG280V seem to be creeping downward a bit over the past week. Currently you can pick one up for $59.09 + $3.40 shipping from China (CN) on BangGood. Not that it's a bad system (it is a high quality build) but the specs were not really a jump forward. I think anywhere between $50-$60 it is a great buy.  [US$69.99]ANBERNIC RG280V 16GB 7000 Games Retro Game Console with 16GB TF Card PS1 CPS1 GBA MD Mini Handheld Game Player 2.8 inch IPS HD Screen Video Games Equipment & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on banggood *I have no affiliation with BangGood or Abernic and do not profit from this post. Just passing on the info. 

Deals: Massive Pack of AA Batteries

Probably too late to receive these by Xmas but every retro gamer needs batteries. Via:

Etsy Finds: Wonderswan w/ True Backlit Mod $330

Not sure if I'd go up to $300+ on this mod plus the cost of picking up a WC but it's in my Etsy Wishlist. I've always wanted a modded Wonderswan color console and this shop's mods look clean. Link below!

KT R1 Vaporware or In Production?

Possibly just Vaporware but there's a new device making waves in the rumor circkes.... the  KT R1, 4" 800x600 screen with specs that sound like they'll run Dreamcast emulation smoothly but at the supposed price tag of $200. The console looks like a knockoff of the Retroid Pocket 2 with the left thumstick above the d-pad.  I haven't seen anything to indicate that even a test model had been produced so I wouldn't hold my breathe on this actually happening and the $200 Rumored price point might be a bit steep to get much action.  If you have any info on this device,  feel free to drop it in the comments.  SOC: amlogic s922x RAM: lddr4 2g / 4g STORAGE: emmct5.1 16-128g & tf slot NET:: wifi5 & BT OS: 64 bit Android 9 with Vulkan SCREEN: 4 "800x600 4: 3 BATTERY: 5000mah, 25w fast charge CONTROLLER : full buttons with lr3 VIBRATION: linear resonant actuator SPEAKER: dual speakers SIZE: 153 x 76 x 18 mm

Video of the RG351M? Maybe

 We know it’s coming out soon and perhaps within weeks. My biggest curiosity with the RG351M from Abernic is if there will be some improvements and upgrades other than just the housing

Retroid Pocket 3 Wishlist

No one knows when or if the Retroid Pocket 3 will happen but it will be a day 1 pickup from me.  The RP2 is excellent but still flawed.  Here's what I want to see with the Retroid Pocket 3: 🔥 6 Face Buttons instead of 4 🔥 L3/R3 added to the sticks  🔥 Designed for Android 8 or 9 🔥 Rubber Grips on the Back  🔥 Metal Housing Variant  🔥 More than 1GB RAM  🔥 Overhaul of Retroid OS 🔥 Internal SD Card Accessible   🔥 Make Parts More Available  🔥 Touch Screen  If they make all of those additions which I doubt will happen, I'd gladly pay double or more. The RP2 wasn't far from being perfect.

Upcoming Handheld Game Consoles (December 2020/ January 2021)

2020 has been an exciting time for emulation systems and it looks like we'll be headed into 2021 with some momentum to with a few systems still yet to be out before the end of the year. Here's what's likely available soon:  Digidock 2 Gameforce RK3326 DragonBox Pyra GKD Mini FunKey S ESP32 Mini Game Box RG351M (Rumored Dec/January) GPD Win 3 (Pre-Orders start in January).   I'd love to test them all but if I was choosing interest just for myself personally I'm keeping an eye on the Digidock 2 mainly for the DIY factor where you can set it up with your choice of hardware and software. Is it worth the cost? I don't have the answer for that yet.  The Gameforce RK3326 interests me mainly on aesthetics at this point.  The RG351M will be a day 1 purchase for me as soon as Abernic makes it available. 

Handheld Watchlist: Gameforce RK3326

Word on the street is that the Gameforce RK3326 should be appearing for sale at some point during the next 2 weeks.  Its definitely on my watchlist so I'm just waiting to see the price point. If money was no object I'd buy every handheld but unfortunately it definitely is an object at a certain point.  What really attracts me to the Gameforce is the aesthetic more than the specs. The specs are by no means overwhelming but 640x480 on an RK3326 system certainly makes it an option.  If the price is right I'll probably order one just for the looks. Most GBA-ish style consoles look terrible. This one looks great from the few images and videos I have seen.  Obscure Handhelds had a nice WRITE-UP on it a couple months back worth reading. Image below from the article.

Handheld Gaming PC on Steroids: OneGX 1 Pro

The future of handheld PC gaming looks like its starting to really ramp up... it comes at a big price tag though (and likely worth it). If you haven't checked out the OneGX 1 Pro model from One-Netbook you need to do so now but break out the checkbook too.  Hit the link below for specs: Unfortunately for me this is way outside my budget but I'm hoping to at least get to check one out one day. The tech advances and manufacturing advances going on now will likely increase the quality of lower end options as well.  As I'm more geared towards retro gaming this beast would be a bit of overkill but I still want to check one out. Only thing I notice that I don't like for sure is the button style d-pad. 

8 Great Android Games For The Retroid Pocket 2

There are some Android games that are an excellent match for the RP2. Sace being an issue on most people's RP2 setups I'm sticking with mostly sub 100MB games. *Note: To avoid running hot, turn Wi-Fi Off for some Android games. Text in some games is wonky in areas but the games are still playable. Perhaps upgrading to Android 8 will help one the problems with that are ironed out.  STARDEW VALLEY There are very few people who haven't heard about Stardew Valley. It's a knockoff of Harvest Moon but perhaps better than HM. The game works flawlessly with the Retroid Pocket 2 and autodetects the control setup from the start.  Doom & Destiny Doom & Destiny is a satirical RPG but pretty fun and a decent experience. There's a couple events where text is an issue on the RP2 but nothing game breaking. The game uses a classic JRPG battle system with standard turn based elements but also "hate" mixed in which causes the enemies more rage based on th

New SNK (NeoGEO) Game Console Dropping In 2021

  Fairly cryptic and light on info Tweet from SNK but it looks like they are releasing a new console in 2021? Another NEOGeo mini just with a lot more functionality or something? It’s hard to tell. Online functionality with Vs. matches are definitely implied with this teaser.  A brand-new console is coming from SNK in 2021! A system to bridge the needs between passionate fans and console gaming enthusiasts! #SNK — SNK GLOBAL (@SNKPofficial) December 15, 2020

Super Console X? I'll Pass

I was looking up the prices on the "Super Console X" and that's a hard pass from me. The controllers are throwaway value and you can beat the system itself for less than $30.  I see they are selling between $80-$140 online and that's just crazy. Hard pass from me. It sounds like a lot of people selling them are using the included ROMs as the primary selling point which is something I definitely do not like encouraging. No one should be marketing the sale of ROMs.  Interesting Look at the Super Console X on YouTube:

Minecraft on the RG351P - YouTube

I'm not particularly interested in playing Minecraft on a tiny screen but if you are,  here's a good guide from Retro Game Corps on how to set it up: While this doesn't really interest me, it's definitely interesting how many things are now possible with the recent boom in decent retro handheld console. If 2021 is anything like 2020 was,  we should have some exciting things coming our way. 

Ordered a PocketGo S30 for $59.99

I was originally on the fence with the PocketGo S30. First run handhelds from this company have issues but for $59.99 on sale I decided to give this one a shot. Hopefully I don't have to wait to long to receive it. The primary selling factor for me was the stacked shoulder buttons and the form factor (looks like a 8BitDo controller with a screen).   Pre-orders have been live for this for over a week now over at retromimi who I hadn't ordered from the past so we'll see how that goes.  The specs are a bit underwhelming but I'm hoping form factor and stacked shoulder buttons are satisfying enough to make up for that. Look for an unbiased review of my findings in the near future. S30 Specification: Screen: 3.5 inch 480x320 IPS CPU: Quad Core 1.2GHZ All Winner A33 CPU GPU: Mali400 MP2 RAM: 512MB Storage: External MicroSD Battery: 2600 mAh

Retroid Pocket 2 Is Still A Steal For $80

Retroid Pocket 2 For $80 you really can't beat what the Retroid Pocket 2 offers especially with Android added into the mix.  I'm really digging the new N64 inspired color schemes. The only thing I don't like about the colors is that they weren't available back when I ordered two of the consoles.  The RP2 is definitely NOT for people who are pure beginners to emulation or people not willing to put in a lot of time tweaking settings.  Can't wait to see how things shake out when the Android 8 update on the system is ironed out. For now its highly suggested to stick with Android 6. 

Mini Arcade Machines

Pretty interesting read about mini arcade machines over at Wired UK. I find it pretty awesome that arcade gaming is pretty much mainstream again in ways. We'll never return to the glory days of arcades but at least arcade style gaming is alive and well in homes.  While I stick to mostly handheld arcade gaming these days,  I'd love to start collecting full size and mini machines at some point.

RG350 Loose Buttons

The original RG350 has one major flaw and that's the fact that the bottom buttons (Power, Volume Up/Down and Reset) have no supports at all.  Mine started eventually feeling funny and like they might be getting loose.  A little soldering might have been the best option but I was in a hurry and just went with some glue. So far the console feels like brand new again. I did go a little overboard with the glue (lol) but it works. I have yet to crack open my RG350P or RG350M so I'm not sure how well built it is on the inside.  Fortunately taking apart the RG350 is extremely even for a novice.  One upgrade they did make from the 350 was with the Micro SD (TF) card where the internal is now electable. I'm tempted to upgrade the card insude the 350 at some point just as a project. I don't really need this model anymore but I like keeping it around. 

Look Back: Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix Homebrew

(This post is for historical information only. Download ROMs etc at your own legal risk as the legality is grey area.) If you are just getting into retro gaming,  an ambitious game that came out long ago was is Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix which looks like it hasn't been updated in 12 years but the Megadrive/Genesis version is stable. I'm assuming the Sega CD version they were working on is unstable and likely an abandoned project. The legalities surrounding this game and the ROM are definitely in the grey area. Original music and 5 playable characters with new layouts make it one of the most ambitious homebrew projects that ever came out for the Genesis platform.  At one point a physical release by game pirates in Russia occurred and was widely distributed mostly on eBay .  *I cannot encourage you to download ROMs as they are grey area legally. This post is for informational and archival pur

The Atari VCS Delay Didn't Make Game News Waves The Atari VCS delay likely caused by Covid-19 issues still seems like a bad sign when the delay didn't make waves in the news. Here we are in December and there's not much talk about it. You can pre-order the "All In" console for $399.99 at retailers like GameStop for a March, 2021 release.  I've been watching this project for a long time. The fact that it can dual boot into Windows or Linux makes it potentially an awesome system for retro gaming,  I have to wonder how well this console will do. The PS4 and new Xbox are immensely popular. $400 for the Atari might be a tough sell on an unknown. The launch library for the VCS is pretty weak too.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes. Sadly most of these crowdfunded projects ultimately don't do well.  The console potential looks interesting  so I'm still keeping an eye on it.  https://a