KT R1 Vaporware or In Production?

Possibly just Vaporware but there's a new device making waves in the rumor circkes.... the  KT R1, 4" 800x600 screen with specs that sound like they'll run Dreamcast emulation smoothly but at the supposed price tag of $200. The console looks like a knockoff of the Retroid Pocket 2 with the left thumstick above the d-pad. 

I haven't seen anything to indicate that even a test model had been produced so I wouldn't hold my breathe on this actually happening and the $200 Rumored price point might be a bit steep to get much action. 

If you have any info on this device,  feel free to drop it in the comments. 

SOC: amlogic s922x
RAM: lddr4 2g / 4g
STORAGE: emmct5.1 16-128g & tf slot
NET:: wifi5 & BT
OS: 64 bit Android 9 with Vulkan
SCREEN: 4 "800x600 4: 3
BATTERY: 5000mah, 25w fast charge
CONTROLLER : full buttons with lr3
VIBRATION: linear resonant actuator
SPEAKER: dual speakers
SIZE: 153 x 76 x 18 mm

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