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Pre-Ordered The Evercade EXP Game Handheld

Evercade EXP I mostly stick to retro game handhelds and emulation, but finally decided to jump into the Evercade world and pre-ordered the Evercade EXP on Amazon. It should arrive late November (11/24 Release) and I'll likely have an in-depth review up (written and video) by the first week of December. I normally don't do video reviews, but picked up a new microphone and some equipment so figured I might as well start doing video reviews here and there. I'm still old-school and prefer written reviews over video.  Looking at the available Evercade cartridges that average about $20 each, I'm very tempted to order the original Evercade handheld too which is $99.99 on Amazon and includes 3 cartridges which effectively makes the original handheld only a $40 investment. The new Evercade EXP looks to be a massive improvement over the original device. After taxes, I spent a total of $160.49 on the pre-order.
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Razer/Qualcomm Handheld To Be Revealed 10/15 [RazerCon 2022]  I was starting to wonder if Razer and Qualcomm had put their rumored handheld on the backburner or into the vaporland. It has been a very long time since we heard anything about it. That's looking to change when it's ready to be revealed to the world at Razercon on 10/15. It appears to be a high quality device from what's been shown. Razer is known for high prices,  so we'll see if it's priced well or not. Hopefully it isn't a letdown like the Logitech G Cloud pricing was which was very underwhelming and over-priced.

Anbernic RG353V/353VS Pre-Sale Discount To October 6

  The Anbernic RG353V/353VS pre-order sale is still going on until October 6, 2022. The devices are expected to ship out starting mid-October in order of who reserved first to last for each option. Both devices are currently at an $8 discount for pre-orders.   *Update 9/30: It does look like there are some QA issues with early review devices where the screen is obviously misaligned. No clue if this will be an issue with regular orders or not and it doesn't look like every review device has it but it's something to keep an eye on. A misaligned screen would drive me insane. Probably an easy DIY fix though. Reviews are starting to show up on the device and seem mostly positive.  The 353V and 353VS can be ordered from . *Disclosure: This is a referral link where I will benefit from any purchases made. Support is appreciated using this link but not necessary.  Non-referral link where I don't benefit: First reviewer previe

Mega Bomberman On A Lazy Wednesday

Mega Bomberman FTW Not a lot going on today,  so decided to play some Mega Bomberman (SEGA Genesis, 1994) which was known as Bomberman '94 on PC Engine (1993). Had enough time to run through the first stage and I might try to beat the game tonight or tomorrow. If memory serves me correct,  it takes about 3 1/2 hours to beat.   I do have do say, I really enjoy Genesis games on the Retroid Pocket 3 screen using the MD.emu Android app by Robert Broglia which runs Genesis/MD/SegaCD,GameGear,32X and Master System really well on the device at 2x Resolution. 16:9 requires some blank space on the sides to run at an accurate aspect but the big 4.7" screen makes up for that inconvenience. Due to QA concerns, I still can't fully recommend the Retroid Pocket 3 but I am enjoying my time with it.  Mega Bomberman after all these years is definitely still worth playing for single-player and multiplayer modes. The animal power-ups and better level design make it better than SNES Bomberman

OneXFly Game Handheld Specs

  Billed as a Steam Deck alternative, the upcoming OneXFly looks like an improvement over One Netbook's previous handhelds but an improvement that will cost a LOT (Rumored to have a high price tag). It does look like an ergonomic design that should be pretty good.  OneXFly Tentative Specs (May Change) Manufacturer: One Netbook Website: Form: Landscape Release Date: Unknown OS: Windows  SoC: AMD Ryzen 5 7520U CPU: AMD Zen 2, 4x Cores, 8 Threads, 2.8GHz-4.3GHz, x86-64 GPU: AMD Radeon 610M, 1.9GHz RAM: Multiple Options Screen: 6" IPS Touch-Screen, 1920x1080 Resolution (367.15 PPI), 16:9 Aspect  D-pad: Lower Cross Analogs: Dual Thumb-sticks With L3/R3 Function, Left Upper and Right Lower Layout Face Buttons: 4 Shoulders: 4 Vertical  Other Buttons: 5 Function Buttons  Speakers: Dual Front Facing (Stereo) Shell: Plastic  **Disclosure: This post does not include any affiliate links and I have no relationship with One Netbook. 

Retroid Pocket 3: DuckStation Alternatives (PSX Emulation)

DuckStation comes stock on the Retroid Pocket 3 but it's far from being the best option for this SoC. From the testing I've done, it crashes a lot in tougher to emulate games and doesn't even load some games. This is not surprising considering DuckStation didn't perform well on the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus. I'm not sure why they chose it as the stock app again. When it comes to running PS1 ROMs at 2x Resolution, NTSC games are also the way to go on this device (Not PAL). No matter what settings are used, it's very spotty to get great performance out of DuckStation, so your best bet is to delete DS and go with another option. I'd highly suggest using the standalone ePSXe Android app for an all-around hassle-free experience that requires minimal settings tweaks. Another option that has tested well for me so far is using the PCSX-ReARMed core on RetroArch. Make sure you have a scph1001.bin file (PS1

Retroid Pocket 3 (2GB) First Impressions

Retroid Pocket 3 First Impressions: One Week In... Due to the number of people reporting QA Issues (despite seemingly less than the majority), I don't plan to post a full in-depth definitive review of the device anytime soon if at all.  It appears that Taki Udon was correct when predicting known defective units would be sold and shipped out. The device I received was fine but too much of a dice roll right now to fully recommend. We still don't have a full gage of how many people were effected by defective units. At this stage in this messy launch, my opinions are too mixed to have a definitive view of the device.  Below are my early impressions and findings: Notes/Disclosure On The Device I'm Using Model(s) Reveived: RP3 Orange 2GB Official Launch: August 20, 2022 Price Paid: $144.67 (2GB Orange) on Moorechip's AliExpress Store Including Shipping/Taxes. I canceled my early White 3GB order after it didn't ship. The 2GB Orange arrived 12 days after ordering. I have no

Anbernic RG351V: Still Worth Buying?

Anbernic RG351V  I still see a lot of people asking about the RG351V and whether it's still a good buy. The short answer is that it's definitely still a great option! It's still firmly in my top 5 regularly used devices!  My Original 351V Review (March 2021) [LINK] While the 351V is certainly outmatched in power by the upcoming 353V, I think the 351V is still a more ergonomic option and is about the size of an original Game Boy DMG and has an amazing screen that's very sharp with good color saturation. At this point, I'd still recommend the RG351V for PS1 and below level emulation and it's still an "ok" option for Dreamcast and PSP if you are willing to deep dive into settings.  While I'm glad that we've moved past the RK3326 era where there was one handheld after another using the same SoC, the 351V was the best overall buy of all the RK3326 options.  The best place to buy an RG351V if you don't mind a short wait for international shipping