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AetherSX2 Open Beta Has Started (PS2 Emulation) (Android)

AetherSX2 the new PS2 (PlayStation 2) emulator for Android has hit the open testing phase, and I'm certainly impressed so far. I have only a couple hours in on it so only have a few quick observations so far. The most obvious observation so far is that it will be FREE unlike Damon PS2 Pro ($9.99) and it doesn't require speed hacks which bogs down performance. In essence Damon PS2 Pro is now obsolete. What I have thrown at it, frames hold steady and run at full speed even upscaled 2X Native and with "High" Blending Accuracy, etc... I have noticed an occasional audio issue but nothing game breaking. To join in on the testing, check out the link below: Specs For Android Phone I'm Testing It On: -OS: Android 11 -8GB RAM -Chipset: Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G+ (7 nm+) -CPU: Octa-core (1x3.09 GHz Kryo 585 & 3x2.40 GHz Kryo 585 & 4x1.80 GHz Kryo 585) -GPU: Adreno 650
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Upcoming: HORIPAD + For Nintendo Switch Looks Slick (Wired Controller)

HORIPAD + Photos As a long time fan of Hori products, I tend to keep eye on any upcoming controllers they have coming out. This time,  the HORIPAD + for Nintendo Switch is available for pre-order on Amazon for $49.99 and ships out later in December. I'm tempted to pick one up to use for PC gaming in addition to Switch gaming.  "HORI HORIPAD + Wired Motion Aim Controller for FPS and more - Officially Licensed By Nintendo - Nintendo Switch"

Graph: Upcoming Game Handhelds (Performance Power)

Using data from the handy upcoming handhelds spreadsheet from , I exported a bar graph to get a good visual representation of how powerful each upcoming game handheld is vs. each other. Performance power isn't everything but it's definitely important. I'm hoping the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus ends up being great considering it's more powerful than the RG552 at less than half the price.

One Year Blog Anniversary

In a couple days (December 7), I'll reach the one year mark on this blog. 102k views so far which is a good start for me. Before starting up this blog I had taken a 10 year break from the blog world.  I'm hoping 2022 brings a lot of exciting developments to the retro gaming world. When it comes to retro gaming and retro handhelds, we are living in the start of a golden era! 

Official RG552 Unveiling (Anbernic)

  The Anbernic RG552 is finally here and honestly looks good. I expect the build quality, face buttons and d-pad to be high quality like most Anbernic handhelds but they priced the handheld so high that my interest has been erased unless it drops considerably in the future.  At this point, the 552 is a "wait and see" kind of handheld for me. I've already moved on...

Miyoo Mini Priced at $52

I don't have high expectations for the Miyoo Mini, but I really like the looks particularly with the screen so went ahead and ordered one at the low risk price of $52 on AliExpress .  MIYOO Global Store It's likely running the same OS as the S30 which I was not a fan of so we'll see if custom options like Simple30 become possible. Power-wise this handheld should be able to run up to PSX (PlayStation 1)... It appears the Miyoo Mini does have a safe shutdown so this may also be an upgraded version of the S30 OS too. My expectations aren't huge here for the price so hopefully it ends up being better than the price.